Thursday, March 31, 2011


My next quest is to find a triangle necklace that looks identical (or super duper close) to these. Why do I have so much trouble finding something like this? I look on ebay, etsy, luck. Just dumb ones. Anyone have any suggestions? Preferably something NOT $500? 

Sorry I haven't put up any photos in a few days. I got back from Cali and it's been only overcast, rainy, cold days. Not good for photos. Also - no time. I will hopefully have some up by this weekend, though. Gotta post about my new crochet bellbottoms, don't you think? I'm pretty stoked on them. 

Also! I would like to thank Of Mice and Minutiae for honoring me with Stylish Blogger Award! That is's crazy how much this has grown and I've only had a blog for about 2 months. Thanks, lady. Much appreciated. Off to clean. I have so many clothes that sometimes I forget I own what I have. I need to go through it all. Yikes...not fun.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

webcam vid ooh

This amazing. I love him. He is not even drugged up, at all. He is just THAT chill.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

my name's casey and i look down.

I felt it was appropriate to look down in all of these (though I didn't realize how redundant it was in photos) because my eyes were red and my hair sucked. I spent the evening again on the beach but this time  it felt somewhat dangerous because the tide was surprisingly crazy. One minute there would be small cute waves with dolphins, and I would smile out of joy...and the next - giant waves, when I had nowhere to escape because I had to practically go into the water anyway to get on this beach due to cliffs. Scary stuff. People die in water, you know. A dolphin probably would have saved me though. 

Another beautiful day. Clothes from h&m, urban outfitters, f21. Sam Edelman shoes. Jewelry from Venice and flea markets. Be Yourself bag. Pay no attention to the tag sticking out under the fringe. Thanks. Time to go wash my hair. It's been almost 2 weeks.


Friday, March 25, 2011

it's friday friday friday

YIKES Rebecca Black will NOT leave my brain! Her song is forever on repeat in my head, I fear. But really, it is Friday...days are flying by.

I think I honestly belong on the beach. As in...I could live under a shelter made by twigs and light camp fires every night, catching my own long as I get to be next to the ocean. I spent the evening in Laguna Beach where the houses on the hills were huge, and cliffs overlooking the ocean rapidly changed into no cliffs with just beautiful beach. So pretty. The sunset was surreal...purple, pink, orange, and blue with palm tree silhouettes in front of it all. I think this may be my favorite city? I never thought I would say that. I am still not was just so gorgeous and comfortable. Also, I think I am over-shopped. I know this will be short lived, and I will look back at this post thinking I was crazy...but I really don't feel the need to go shopping anymore. Anymore as in the next week or so (if that). I am happy just being on the west coast, watching movies and hanging out with old friends. 

I have been rather "anti" maxi-dresses (not skirts)...until I found this one from H&M. I love the pattern, the fit, and I think I am converting over to this style of dress. Not long ago, you would have never caught me dead in a dress longer than my mid-thighs. Yuck. And honestly, I think I would never wear something in between this length and the mid-thigh length. Long or short, make your mind up, dress. Anywho, love the dress. Oversized tunic from Kaitlyn, shoes from Aldo, bandeaux from American Apparel, Jewelry from random places around Venice and flea markets.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


I got this little gem around my neck in Venice the other day. A toothless, tattooed, tobacco-finger-stained guy had a little booth set up along the beach where everyone sells and shops. He claimed he used to mine in Arkansas and dug up all of his crystals and gems, but then a few sentences later I assume he forgot his little fib, and said he'd lived in Venice his whole life. I thought his stories were funny, and I needed this necklace that he had made. Got a pretty decent deal on it after a little bartering. And man, Venice, talk about not standing out in a crowd. It was like a beach bohemian carnival the entire time. Shops after shops, street performers and all around craziness. I loved every second of it. Even the sunburn I got ONLY on the back of my neck. Redneck, mos def. Can't wait to go back. I really am a California gal. It's where I need to be. Midwest,'re not really my style. Dang.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

keep it simple

Just a plain jane outfit, hanging out with the dogs. Merlin wouldn't leave me alone, so he became involved of course. Liam was too busy trying to make Merlin jealous with his obsessive bone chewing while staring into his eyes, but Merlin didn't care. He just wanted to be in my arms. Lil cutie. Shorts from Urban Outfitters, Tank from F21, Rings and necklace from Euphoria and flea market.


Three Arrows Leather

I am in love with everything Three Arrows Leather makes. Everything. Seems to sell pretty I better jump on what's left.


Friday, March 18, 2011

lady grey

Sacred Geometry and inspiration from objects of decay, Lady Grey, you speak directly to my heart. Maybe I should have gone to school for a degree in Metals?


Thursday, March 17, 2011