Monday, June 27, 2011

Aztec shorts GIVEAWAY!

The shorts I am wearing are courtesy of Lenni Vintage. The shorts this girl makes are outrageously AMAZING. These vintage couch-blanket-doily shorts are the most up my alley that could possibly be up in that alley. As you all know, I am a shorts hoarder. Shorts belong on my body at all times. Yet a big reason among reasons that I cannot stand Winter out here. Well, Lenni and I teamed up and are doing a suhweet give-away for my readers. Enter to win any pair of aztec shorts of your choice, made by Lenni Vintage! Winner will be chosen at random in 1 week from today! I will announce the winner on here, so stay posted. Like most give-aways, you gotta follow a few simple steps.

1. Like Lenni Vintage on facebook here.
2. Follow on bloglovin here and "like" this post. 
3. Leave me your name and e-mail address in a comment.

That's it. The more "likes", the more Lenni Vintage gets seen, the more business that awesome gal gets. Good luck! These shorts are too good to be true and you get to pick out ANY style if you win.

I am wearing:
Lenni Vintage shorts
Lamixx tank dress (awesome minimalist clothing that fits gloriously)
Nous Savons shoulder chain (also converts into a necklace!) and ring
Opulent Oddities earrings and bangles (get 20% off all jewelry with code strawberry20)
Sam Edelman shoes
UO belt
American Apparel crossback bra

Sunday, June 26, 2011

don't you love a discount code

Shredded crop top courtesy of Sigrada Nation (tons of inexpensive shredded tops!)
Skull/stone bangles and long chain necklace from Opulent Oddities
Gather Jewelry crystal cuff
Vestige charm bracelet
thrifted skirt

I am writing this as I sit here with a folded up, roped towel wrapped around my neck like a tourniquet turtle neck. My neck is in severe pain and I cannot look to either side, up or down, or even stand up without having issues. I look very Stephen Hawking when I do end up turning to move or look at something. Not quite sure what is going on, but this is a-w-f-u-l. I wanted to go out and enjoy my weekend but nope, I'm left sitting here being a neck gimp. So just a forewarning, this may be a rambling post. 

I have had my blog for 6 months now. It's a ton of fun, but boy is it like having another job. I can understand how people could be full time bloggers for their career. And people who do outfit posts every day, wow! That's some committed and dedicated awesomeness right there. To brutally interrupt myself, a weirdo guy was hitting on my friends and I last night and I told him that I had a bacterial infection of the youknowwhat from an std to get him to go away but I think that only made him more intrigued, as he did NOT leave. Some guys are so beyond clueless that it boggles my mind. Who willingly and immediately tells you they have an std and still wishes you would talk to them? Yikes. Learn some distance, weirdo dudes. (and no, I do not have stds.)

Anywaaaaaaaay. Are you liking those sweet bangles on muh wrist? You need to opennewtab this page and check out Opulent Oddities rad jewelry. If you like my style, you'll love her style. And she is giving my readers a 20% discount on anything in her store. Just enter the code strawberry20 at checkout. Heck yes, right?

Next post...give-away. Hint: SHORTS


Thursday, June 23, 2011

stabbing belt + peace

UO belt
thrifted top
Black Willow Jewelry shark tooth necklace
DIY crystal necklace

It's hard to tell, but the table behind me has a giant peace sign spray painted on it. Randomly happened upon this thing. Was this before or after the storm of the day? Can't remember, we've had so many. None like the one I have pictured below. That was just the beginning, brewing black clouds above the city looking nutso. Somehow it resulted in NOT a tornado. Here, at least.  

Do you like that little number on my wrist/hand? Needs no other bracelets, lemme tell you. I got this courtesy of Darkling Studios. A magical gypsy jewelry shop, yet again. You know how I love those. Pay Darkling Studios some love here. Otherwise, shark tooth necklace from Black Willow Jewelry. Love me some teeth around my neck. Did you guys know that sharks are actually my favorite animal? I am fascinated by them. One time while boogy boarding (haha, yeah lame whatev') a shark head popped out of the ocean right next to me and scared the living heck out of me, as you could imagine. Come to find out, it was not alive, and not even a full shark. It had been freshly bitten off right under its fins, so naturally I grabbed it by those suckers and boarded back to shore where I could poke and prod. Did you know sharks feel like sandpaper? Not smooth at all. Anyway, something killed a shark. So...I didn't go back in the water. 

Any cool shark stories anyone? Probably not, probably just pain and death. In that case, don't depress us all. Or do.

 I photographed that random jewelry because I was convinced I would be sucked up in a massive tornado a few nights ago, so I packed up a "dash-to-the-basement-and-hide" bag with money, my laptop, some clothes, and a purse full o' jewelry, which later got dumped out onto my couch and now I have to sort though and put away. UGH.

 Hung out at the parents house the other day. My broseph is painting this cow skull he found a long time ago. Quite the artist, he is. Maybe if I am lucky this will end up in my livingroom?


Saturday, June 18, 2011

gather that sparkly gypsy jewelry

Gypsy Warrior top, turquoise ring and skull bracelet
Gather Jewelry crystal cuff and beaded necklace
Sparklefarm turquoise arrow necklace
Erin Wasson Low Luv triangle pendant
DIY thrifted shorts
random other jewelry

Gypsy Warrior! A store you need to check out. As their site describes, you will love it if you are into gypsy-bohemian-rocknroll-70s clothing and jewelry. Great vintage selection, awesome jewelry. I was happy to be greeted after work to a package from them with this fringed top, ring, and skull bracelet. Check them out. Do it! 
Also, can we please talk about my obsession with geometric (particularly triangle) shaped jewelry? I wear that Low Luv triangle necklace to death, but these other 2 are killing it, yeah? I love the combination of the turquoise and copper chain that was courtesy of Sparklefarm, of course inspired by all things I love. I really love this and this from her store as well. Totally right up my alley. Gather Jewelry has been making their rounds on my body as well. You may have seen their designs on La Dama. The crystal cuff and beaded triangle necklace have been on repeat along with the Sparklefarm necklace for days now. Can't get enough. And you all know how much I love to stack my jewelry. I am dying for this pyramid ring and this necklace from Gather Jewelry. Check them out, support independent sellers. :-)

Couple photos from my real life (whoa, no way!). You've requested and now you shall receive. Just some fun at a carpeted-wall, karaoke, mega strong beverage bar. Friends birthday.
Not the best day at work following this night, lemme tell you.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Even $5 shorts found at a weird little shop in Santa Monica make it to my collection. I know a lot of bloggers out there love to show off their expensive designer threads, but sometimes a little thrifty nifty is just as great. And really, so many people spend all of their money on designer clothing that is completely and severely heinous. This of which is safe to assume has been done on their credit cards with already twenty thousand dollars of debt that foresees no zero balance in the future. It's good to splurge sometimes, I do it. But come on people, buy cheap also! Cheap isn't bad. In fact, you're probably going to hate the clothing you bought today when a year rolls on by, so why not spend a little time going through those packed racks at slightly-more-inexpensive stores. Slightly-less-expensive. Whatev'.

Got a give-away or two in the near future for my readers. You know, just more awesome stuff that I am into. Stay posted. Oh, can we please take a (fourminute) second and listen to this. Not typically into Portishead, but I can't get enough of this song.

Since the clothing is no-name, I am wearing Erin Wasson Low Luv triangle pendant, thrifted eagle belt,  La Dama cage ring, and other random jewelry.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

i'm getting married!

I'm not really getting married, but-
Oops. Accidently wore my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding that hasn't happened yet. Totally accidental, Annie. Somehow it was on me and before I knew it I had my pictures taken with the dress on...
 The style of her wedding is somewhat indie-mumford and sons-vintage-boho with the flower arrangement all being made out of dyed coffee filters. My mom saw her inspiration photos and was under the impression that she was having an amish-looking, "Waltons" style wedding. Being the first daughter to get married, I am sure you can imagine how excited my mother was about this pioneer-esque ceremony. 

Lil sis (the artist of the paintings on my walls here)

Next subject. I am wearing this ultra cool simplistic body chain made by designer Danielle Singer from Canada. It's really great because not only can you wear it as a body chain, but you can also wear it as a multi-chain necklace if you so prefer. I am wearing it both ways in the photos. Everything is handmade and customized. Check out her blog here
Before I forget! I got a lot of questions regarding my last posts nail polish color. It is actually shellac, and I am not sure of the name. If you aren't familiar with shellac, it is a gel nail polish that is "cured" by UV light and doesn't chip. Stays on for weeks. So far so good.

moth and garnet mother of pearl ring 
dolorous body chain
vestige cross charm bracelet (follow her rockin blog here)
my salvation triangle necklace
vintage 60s tribal necklace
cage cross ring from la dama
jeffrey campbell shoes from solestruck
beaded bracelet made by lindsay
f21 dress

So many links in this post. Click 'em! Some of them lead to viruses! Joking, duh.