Tuesday, November 29, 2011


top c/o artful aussie, diy skirt, sam edelman shoes, titanium quartz necklace c/o black bird revival, my salvation bracelet, unearthen ring

If you are a twitter-er, then you maybe saw the tweet about my DIY skirt inspired by crystal meth. Obsessed with Breaking Bad, I felt I should wear around a piece that represented my love. Kind of like a love tattoo, or wearing a vile of blood...but less creepy. Though I am okay with being a creep, instead I made a skirt! Another article of clothing I was bored with. Bleached and dyed. Paired with this peachy pink and orange cut up top from Artful Aussie, I am one shredded and ripped up ginger, here. But seriously, check out their etsy store for real (yo). Such great affordable shredded pieces. 
Excuse my "I worked out and took a nap with sweaty hair and this is the result" hair. I hardly ever wash my hair. Such a gross hippie. Probably bugs in there.

Don't forget to enter my Spiked Cuff Giveaway HERE.

And another tropical-surf-duo song for you from my favorite band eva, to make you feel like it's still Summer.

And another goody.


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Solder and Punch has teamed up with me to do this sweet giveaway for my readers. I have been wearing these cuffs pretty much non stop since they were sent on ova' to me. Why? Spikes. Spikes on a cuff. Yes please. These bad boys go perfectly with stacked bracelets and a bad attitude. Give or take the bad attitude, but lately that's been my case. (Winter weather and idiot drivers.)

This giveaway will go on for one week, ending Sunday the 4th of December. 
To enter:

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3. Leave a comment with your e-mail address and which option you picked to follow, so I can contact you if you win.

That is all. Easy peasy. 

Also, when I'm not living in my D&D kimono, I have been curling up in this poncho from Poetry For Jane. They've got a wonderful etsy store full of vintage goodies like this, this, and this. Affordable prices, too. 
Do you like my silly photoshop effects? WhoooOOoooooOOo so interesting.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


jeffrey campbell shoes, aa extra large tee, jacket from stella, f21 skirt, kat von d lipstick from a friendy friend

Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! I'm about to inhale 3 plates like it's NOTHING.  I am thankful for Breaking Bad and puppies. And this song.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've posted about them before, but jeesh. I mean, seriously? This is probably the only single online boutique that I continuously obsess over week after week. Always stocking killer vintage clothing, Laced With Romance never lets my oogling eyes down. Their local clothing line DUST & DRAG (view old fan post HERE) may be my absolute favorite line ever. Ever ever. Stephanie Villalobos-Fellabaum is a creative genius. I want it all and I want it now. 

And as if I didn't already hate having boobs, this model tempts me to perform my own surgery and hack mine off in the kitchen with some large house scissors. Cleavage BLOWS.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


diy cut off shorts, vintage jacket, diy top from strange cargo in chicago, f21 tights

I have been shredding and bleaching and dying all of the clothes that I hate but want to love. These used-to-be-mom jeans were my first experiment. Turned out pretty decent. Think I may dip dye them still. I was super hyped to wear my creation along with this jacket for my birthday, only to find out it was COLD AS HELL (Winter hell, not hot hell. Hot hell would be fantastic and not really hell). So I had to wear pants and a coat on my birthday. I think the weather thought it was giving me a gift by being the same temperature as my age and throwing in a ton of wind. Screw you, weather, screw you. You're terrible at gift giving. 

I've never wanted January to come so bad. Road tripping down south and west. I mean, south south. Where I avoid all things Winter. And then I will continue to avoid Winter for the entire month because I will be couch surfing in southern California. Hello California friends, and thank you for letting me stay with you all. Love you. Youda youda best. I will buy pizza and nachos for everyone. I swear to all things holy, if by a freak chance it comes anywhere near snowing where I will be, I AM GOING TO MURDER AN INNOCENT PERSON. <3

Took almost no photos of my birthday last night that weren't completely blurry. Really we barely took any pictures at all. That just means we were having way too much FUN. 

Surf party song. HBD to me.


Saturday, November 19, 2011


I obviously don't need to do any explaining unless you guys are complete MORONS. But I know you aren't. Anna has the body of my plastic roommate, the mannequin, and reminds me that being a ginger with pale skin is da bomb. Her style is UH-MAZING. And I'm not sure anyone has ever inspired me to wear Hawaiian print button up tops...ever. Until now. So basically, Anna, you already know this but I am completely obsessing over you and your hot self. Whew, good to get that off of my chest. Everyone check out my internet crush and the real strawberry freckleface, Anna-Christina. Prepare to hate yourself.

Also, it is my birthday. Late twenties. Basically thirty. We will say thirty. Did you know they are discontinuing Chaser pills? So dumb.