Thursday, September 20, 2012


vintage tank - shorts from uo - thrifted boots, belt and bag - eagle necklace from little shop in the badlands, random jewelry from flea markets and thrifted

Here we have my poop picker-upper/day at Home Depot outfit. With 4 dogs, the amount of crap in the backyard every week is seemingly endless. On a normal weekday, you can catch me outside dancing along to the neighbors mariachi music while wearing disposable gloves throwing turds into a plastic bag. 

If you are in LA county you NEED to go to Arcadia to a little packed store named "Thrift B.S." First off, what a great name, yeah? Second, I got this stuff:

I had such a hard time choosing what to buy because there was SO MUCH. From crystals to eastern jewelry to seashells and giant Buddhas, it seriously could not be a better find. Go there right meow! And buy me stuff.


Thursday, September 13, 2012


thrifted dress, vest, and shoes - bag from euphora - random jewelry, boyfriend's sunglasses

This dress was last worn in San Francisco at a dance club. I wore chunky boots and had huge hair - a ridiculous mash up of Ginger and Scary Spice. Today I'm feeling hyped on the tropical weather and greenery in California, so I switched it up a bit and threw on some shells, tied the bottom, and walked around feeling like a Hawaiian rainbow on acid.

BF and I are working on collecting palm tree prawns for an awning he is going to construct over our porch. Those suckers are big and prickly, but we must hoard them, injuries and all. We are attempting to transform our place into a beach-like parallel/dog palace. I'm gaining inspiration everywhere I look, and I feel so lucky that my roommates are not only down for my ideas, but have their own perfect ideas spawning from my conceptions. MY ROOMATES ARE AMAZING.

Also, as I am sure you've read recent posts made by my fellow blogger buds, I finally have some female companions out here! Whoop whoop. Super hyped on: Isabel, Madeline, Brit, Rachel, Seaghna, Selena, Larissa, and Sabella. Rad inspirational chicks, I tell ya. Check out their blogs, as they've got good things to say and all have killer style. Like, mad style. Like, whoa. I'm hoping it won't be too difficult to coerce them all to a beach outing soon (yeah?).

Formspring people - I will answer questions soon. 3/4 promise. That's slightly less than a pinky promise. I've got a lot on my plate, sorry.

Here are some photos of my room and porch, so far:


Sunday, September 9, 2012


 thrifted boots, shorts, jewelry, bag - belt as necklace from bodhi imports, vintage punisher shirt

And two weeks later, a new blog post arrives. I finally moved into my new place in LA with 2 roommates. I LOVE OUR HOUSE. So much. We've got a ton of work to do still, but it's slowly coming along. See that door? That is our front door. We are about to make that deck look SO FRESH. See that tiny dog with the green bandana collar? That is one of many homeless dogs that roam around our neighborhood. We found him gasping for air and barely able to walk on the day we moved in. He was so unbelievably pathetic, so we have been taking care of him and turning him into a happy dog. Floatie is his name. He loves to pant in the corner with a HUGE grin on his face and closed eyes.

The heat is melt-your-face-off killer without air conditioning during the day. It makes sense to wear as little as possible, so here we have the worlds tiniest shorts and a reconstructed Punisher top. Boots are almost futile in this weather, but who would I be without boots on? A bootless simpleton. Nah.