Monday, August 29, 2011


boots and top c/o onemanband, lenni vintage shorts, bloomingdales bralette, necklaces from venice and bodhi imports, handmade bracelets from namibia gifted from friend, cicada ring c/o metalsugar

After being so stoked on my boots, Emily from OneManBand surprised me with this custom made shredded and dyed top that I LOVE so dearly. I've gotten so many compliments on it, so hopefully you will all visit her store here and show her some love. Do you like my silly photoshop overlays? I am really going all out in the last couple of posts with the photoshop craziness. I promise I will stop soon. You know when you discover that you can do something cool with editing and you become mildly obsessed for a good week or so? I'm sure it's only a phase and i'll go back to effect-less photos soon. I should have found a tutorial to make my hair look brushed. Or I could have just brushed it, but this is my day off and that is work. 
That deer in the photo and I almost had a head on collision shortly before it ran off when the picture was snapped. Just hiking through the prairie land and BAM. Deer coming to a screeching stop right at my face. I almost dropped everything I was so terrified. We stared at each other for a few seconds before it took off back where it came from. Cute lil bambi. Nature is neat and you should check out this funny video to find out exactly how neat it really is. Then watch #2 and #3. You won't be disappointed if you have a sense of humor. 

You know how my brain functions and how I never remember to do mentions, but I'm trying so hard to make a conscious effort to remember to post things like this, SO ~ Larissa from Velvet Codeine was kind enough to do an interview with me here. If you loved My So Called Life, Clarissa Explains It All, The Craft, and any other amazingly 90s movies or shows you will adore her blog. Girl's got mad style.

Current song obsession. Listen to it loud.


Friday, August 26, 2011


 Found a hair sliver in my thumb. Betcha have never had one of those bad boys! They aren't too fun.

 bodhi imports dress, anne hopkins poncho, my salvation  necklace, diy pirate necklace, metalicious knuckle ring

Do you like my skillz with the lens flare? Went a little crazy with it but boy oh boy, love the little alien light ball following me around effect. Speaking of little alien, that tiny bird that I am holding is actually my brothers pet quail. Mark is his name. 10 bucks worth of a whole lot of fun, this little guy is. He once had a mate but apparently she didn't "choose" him, so he pecked her until her insides were showing and eventually she died. Jennifer was her name. I felt so bad for her and obviously extremely upset with Mark but, over time I got over it and now I am back to loving him.
Do you like my attempt at "nail art"? Those weird gray dots near my cuticle ended up looking like the typical glimmering eye on anime characters. Cheers to 10 starlit eyes on my hands! Annnnd how about this loose knit poncho from Anne Hopkins? Love her yarn work. Her ponchos are perfect for the season turnover, not too heavy, not too light. As unhappy as I am with the next 2 seasons...I am stoked to wear this poncho.

I have been asked a lot of numerous questions on here and through e-mail and I either forget to answer them, or I get asked them regularly so I will just do a mass answer in a post. Here are a few of the A's to the Q's.

  • My hair color is naturally red. Obviously not this red, but it is very very light strawberry blonde. This being said, my body hair including eyebrows and eyelashes are clear. Not even blonde. Clear. So when I don't color my eyebrows in or wear mascara, it looks like I have no features.
  • I am 5'5. Short. 
  • I store my jewelry all over the place. On my walls, hangers, drawers, random surfaces. Takes up a significant amount of space and unless I can physically see each and every one of them, I forget I have them.
  • The name Strawberry Freckleface comes from a book titled Freckleface Strawberry. It is about a little pale redheaded girl with freckles who would do anything to look different. Over time and with the help of her friends, she learns to love her red hair and freckles and after growing up, she has her own frecklefaced strawberry children. This being said, I used to hate my pale skin and red hair. Now...I still hate my pale skin, but I'm stoked on my hair color.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask in this post. I will answer (almost) everything. Sorry for my major delays with getting back to ya'll. LoveUlongtime.

As if I couldn't write enough paragraphs, let's start yet another one. Here are some photos from my sisters wedding. Isn't she a doll? Quite the redheaded wedding party on the female side. My brother is behind her sitting in white.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dust & Drag

Dust & Drag has clairvoyantly opened my mouth, cracked my jaw, and now my jaw is on the floor. And drool is coming out. I live in my D&D kimono, but I am not sure how I can continue on living without ALL of these new clothing gems. Holy cannoli. Some serious stuff right here. How am I supposed to fix my jaw?


Monday, August 22, 2011

GINGERS DON'T HAVE SOULS cut out shoulder top, thrifted tank, boots c/o emilys onemanband, sharktooth necklace c/o metalicious, tentacle/starfish pendant from silentcheesecake, uo belt

Snapped a few pics outside of my favorite mexican restaurant after my friend Madelyn and I went and got crystal ball readings. In my future I will travel a lot, for fun and for work. Also I am very independent and don't like to be told what to do. I will be making a move soon, but not out of the state (big bummer, right?). Anyway, there were some accurate details, but mostly vague information, as expected. Nonetheless, a crystal ball was involved. Who can complain? 

Got my face buried in the Edward Abbey book "Desert Solitaire". A personal diary and story of the author during the time he moved out to the southwest desert and lived in a small trailer in the middle of Nowhere, Moab. Despite the rattlesnake scares, dust storms, and almost no human sounds rather appealing. I wish I could rid myself of my current attachments and make a move like that. At least for a somewhat lengthy period of time. I would love to have the experience. Maybe someday. Not anytime soon though, if I listen to Honey the crystal ball enthusiast. ;-)

I always forget to note (am I required to notify? everyone else does...) that Pocketchange: Be In Style mentioned me in a lil post in the Best of the Web content of their site here. I am terrible with remembering to put these kinds of things in my posts. I think I suffer from short term memory loss, so we'll just leave it at that. Also, am I the only blogger without a lookbook/chictopia? I think so. Not sure I can get into that. Too much. Way too much. Oh, if you weren't aware, one of my sponsors, Gypsy Warrior, has a bunch of new clothes listed on their site. Check iiiiiiittttt oooouuuuuut! I'm creepin on this and this and this. But don't buy what I want to buy. Or buy what I want to buy, and send it to me.

I leave you with a couple songs from my favorite band. Sweden breeds such great artists. Indie tropical new wave electronic beach boys pop? Yes, please.



Monday, August 15, 2011


boots c/o emily's one man band, bag c/o omniawears, f21 skirt, aa crossback bra, skull necklaces c/o my salvation, prism necklace c/o baltica, triangle necklace c/o under the pyramids, belt from random arizona trading post, geode cuff from my friend madelyn

This week has been hectic and gorgeous and cooler than usual and sleepless and inspiring. My little sister got married. Recall the dress I wore as her as her bridesmaid here. The wedding was as close to perfect as you would imagine a beautiful outdoor forest wedding with trees and butterflies would be. She looked stunning and the reception was a blast. Now I find myself still getting no sleep and busy with who knows what. Hung out in this cute neighborhood today. "Sky View", they call the area. Sarcastically fitting. (Ignore the crossback bra that I wear in EVERY post. I only have one of these, and it happens to be an obvious pattern that cannot be ignored wearing all the time. I just hate padding. No need to make those unfortunate lumps on my chest bigger.) Back to the neighborhood. Everyone was extremely nice, met some cool people, and a guy with tattoos from his feet up to his forehead owns that car in the last photo. Used to be a cab, I guess? He didn't want to be photographed - bummer. But he did say we could ride in that car sometime, which would be a blast. I felt like I was at a national park, where people park their RVs and camp out, grilling and playing outside. Seemed like a mini vacation just being on the streets there after talking and seeing everyone. A whole different world than what I am used to. I wonder how much a trailer costs? It would be so fun to live in a little community of people who I am sure grill out and party together most nights, living in a tiny place all by myself. Not good when tornado season comes, though. Yikes. Anyway, I think mobile home parks are completely underrated. Loved it here. Craigslisting mobile home parks right now...I think it would be a BLAST to not have an apartment, buy an RV, and just travel and park places to live for a short time like some of the people were doing here. SO AWESOME. 

Oh! Can't get enough of Ancient Aliens. Do any of you watch that show? Right up my alley. No cable so I am forced to watch hulu and netflix. Conspiracy shows make me giddy. Any other suggestions? Also if you like nerd shows you should check out How The States Got Their Shapes. Swamp People has been one of my latest shows, too. And you guys watch anime? Death Note? Eureka Seven? Samurai Champloo? Chobits? Elfen Lied? Eh, eh? No? Not a nerd, then.

OmniaWears, who gifted me this glorious backpack is giving my readers 10% off any purchases made in their store with the discount code STRAWBERRY10. Take advantage of that, people! Great store. Love this and this and this. Also, these boots...they have not left my feet in days. Showering is painful because I don't want to take them off. The wonderful Emily's One Man Band sent them over. She collects vintage pieces on top of making her own recycled jewelry, another great Etsy store you should check out if you like these boots. This purse is yummy, and if you like shredding check out this top.

The Once Youth tank giveaway is still going on HERE. They will announce the winner on their facebook.