Monday, October 31, 2011


 thrifted leopard top and skirt, jeffrey campbell ankle boots, vintage belt, underthepyramids triangle necklace

Happy Halloween! What a fun crazy weekend I had...all while wearing dark lipstick in which I am obsessing over. I am trying my hardest to embrace how unsightly pale I have become after having a scare with potential precancerous skin cells and now avoiding getting a tan. Dark lips have helped me view my transparent skin in a different light. Pale vamp fun light. Thankfully I am a redhead, so being pale is "normal" for our mutant kind. I still view myself as a desert-loving beach baby, so "normal" skin isn't my ideal but whatcha gonna do. 

Can we please talk about how I have worn leopard print in virtually every post this last month? What is wrong with me? Bets on my next post? Leopard? Probably.

I was told my "like on bloglovin" button doesn't work. So, okay. Don't know how to fix that. 

Song for you.


Friday, October 28, 2011


This is my friend Sarah, aka Lady Gaga. That last photo with the kids? Yeah, they wanted their picture taken with her because they were convinced Gaga was at the pumpkin patch. After this group shot, they individually took photos with her as well. Guess Lady Gaga is a redhead now, eh? Nice. On top of making my hair look brown, Sarah is a writer, stylist, vintage collector, lipstick junkie, aaaaaand a blogger! Yes, an actual real-life fashion blogger friend! In the midwest, you don't find many of us. Here are some photos from her blog, which you should probably go check out because this girl is bangin'.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 jacket c/o secret shop, thrifted belt, f21 bellbottoms, thrifted jewelry, spike ring from asos 

Sorry for the picture overload. The sun was just perfect. I've gone on a bellbottom frenzy, since I know the upcoming weather will be too awful for what I really want to wear. Tights or ripped up denim? Forget about it. Sub zero temperatures will make them useless. So, bells it is. My mood when these photos were taken was rather...horrible and mean. I felt that the title of this post was suiting. Also, one of my favorite movies. 

Can we talk for a sec about this jacket? I flipped it inside out a few times, to show off the detailing with the comic inside. Love love love. Secret Shop sent this to me awhile back, and it's finally cool enough to wear. Check out their store if you like patterned coats, 90s mesh tops, and funky vintage sweaters. Obviously I dig the leopard print. I'm not sure why I have always been so into it. Jersey Shore made me want to hate it, but then I realized there is a difference between their cheap Wet Seal leopard print, and what I like. So psh, leopard forever.

Thank you all for your blog suggestions! I like, I like.

Revised: If you don't watch Breaking Bad, A. what is your problem, and B. seriously what is the deal? Here are a couple of songs that I love that happen to also be in this glorious tv show that has been my attention magnet for awhile now.


Timber Timbre

New Mexico feel to the max. <3 


Sunday, October 23, 2011


thrifted cut up shorts, top c/o lune vintage, jeffrey campbell ankle boots, yumena melody skull necklace, asos cuff

The best time to go thrifting is during the month of October where the "costume" racks are full of goodies that I view as normal attire. These shorts, for example. Starting out as flared astronaut pants for a little kid, at least I assume a kid as they only reached mid-calf, I cut these textured duct tape looking suckers into shorts. Obviously I did a fantastic job, since at first (and in one of two of these photos) they were cut slightly uneven. I really do an amateur job when cutting up my clothing, honestly. Too impatient. Want to wear right meow. Anyhow, got some other awesome and cheap "costume" finds on top of the now astronaut shorts. I still do need to figure out a costume, though. Yikes. Off to enjoy this beautiful 75 degree weather! Bi-polar midwest, jeesh. Make up ya mind.

PS. What is your favorite fashion blog? I want something new and exciting to look at.
PPS. Pumpkin beer. That is all.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oh how I miss this lady. This is one of my besties, Lacey. This girl typically rocks Mad Men inspired vintage and thrifted clothing better than almost anyone I know. If I wore the same style of rad vintage like she does, I would look like an old beast of a woman. Not her. Killin' it like whoaaaa.
After interning for NPR, my poopsy left me for LA. Yet another reason to go visit. Funny thing, we actually met on Myspace years ago. I mean, YEARS ago. Back when I was living in the SF bay and she was new to Lincoln. When I came back, BAM, sparks flew and we became amazing friends. COME BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


thrifted most everything except shorts from pixie market, jewelry from flea markets and boutiques and yadda yadda

These were taken inside my place, as we are under a FREEZE WARNING. Kill me now. For those of you that live on the sunny warm coast, can you even imagine what this would be like? Well try, then tack on -30 more degrees, snow, insane wind, and everything covered in ice. Add all of that up and you have the most awful 3-5 months of hell. Screw that, right? Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Leaving. For January. Peace out midwest. I can't deal with this BS you put us through every single miserable year. I feel like an old person, leaving for Arizona in the Winter. Only I think I might be heading to Mexico after I spend some time in my second home, California. 

Anyway, enough complaining. Though sometimes it feels good to complain. Well, obviously, or we wouldn't do it. But occasionally it feels good to be in a bad mood, agree? I don't quite understand it but man, angry moods can be so fun.  

Anyone else find Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad to be strangely (very) attractive? Something about him, jeesh. Not at all my type but holy moly. Here is my type, though. Ignore that weird man in the corner. I assume that was his voice-over.

Evil villain and hot anime dude, Kadaj.

Or Aaron Johnson from Kickass. But he married his 40+ year old director and is having old-hag babies with her. Aaron sucks.

Leto from Children of Dune. Geek? Me?


Duh #2.

James Hot Franco. Master of all trades. School nerd = hot.

I'm feeling less into trendy men, or men in hipster bands (I'm old, over it.)...but Andrew from MGMT is still mmm mmm good.

And Lil Wayne. My Weezy. Forever I will love him and his Rudy Huxtable goofy face.

So I guess this post had absolutely nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with a few of my top looking dudes? Sorry for wasting your time, folks. For my apologies, I leave you with a song.