Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Already scuffed up my new Austin Powers shoes. No more drunk walking home in these babies.
mixin metals
matte purple polish. not sure how I feel about it.

The YSL ring that we all lust after has a great lookalike and I am here to give one away. La Dama  is having their 2 year anniversary this month and contacted me about doing this giveaway awhile back.  Having a hoarder mindset for rings, I jumped on it. It's safe to assume all ya'll love rings as much as I do. Especially big, gaudy, gypsy, mystical rings like these. They have all sorts of colors for the center stone, and even a silver plated ring here. The giveaway is for a knuckle ring of your choice. I will random.org the winner next Tuesday and will e-mail said person, but I am going to be on a road trip so it may take a little longer to do a post with the winner. So, with that said, and with most giveaways...you gotta leave me your e-mail addy.

Giveaway steps:
1. Follow La Dama on FB here
2. Leave a comment with your e-mail address

These shorts!! These were made for me by Alana. Screw Runwaydreamz when you can have this Arizona livin' blogger custom make you some shredded denim shorts. Check out her store here

The pictures don't show it, but after my run in with chlorine and the sun, my faded ugly brick colored hair is now back to bright sunset red. Should have shot these photos after I colored. Oh well. You need to see how hideous my hair can look. Right? Also, this song is in my head. Has been all day. I used to live in Vallejo, CA, rated the most miserable city to live in the USA currently. This song pretty much sums up Vallejo. When I worked at the Olive Garden there, a bartender got held up at gunpoint. Instead of wine, I mostly served shots of Hennessy and Remy Martin. Now, the police station is only open 3 days a week because of the cities bankruptcy. Another Vallejo anthem that I actually kind of like here. Keepin it classy, 707.

Winner of the raw crystal necklace is Isabel! Congrats, lady! 

PS. I was told I needed to make a blog facebook since I prefer to not bombard my personal one with non-personal people. It's pretty bleak right now, but here it is.


Monday, July 18, 2011


 Southwestern bomber jacket c/o The Cross Office- like on fb here, snake dress/top c/o Tammy Jo Fashion - like on fb here, CAIRO JEWELRY triangle necklace, BoHo Rose Jewelry skull bracelet, Larimar and Silver light blue ring, My Salvation arrow earring, Corvid Delights earring, lelove sunglasses

What a crazy heat wave we've been having here! (Not so) secretly, I love it. I am pretty freakin spent as I have been at a pool party all day swimming and failing at polish horseshoes, so this post may end up taking me an hour to write because I keep passing out. Thank goodness for these sunglasses. My eyes would have been burned out of their sockets since unfortunately we cannot put sunscreen on eyeballs.
 I'm a natural ginger, but I obviously color my hair to make it less boring. Any fellow pseudo redheads out there can tell you one thing for sure - shampoo and warm water are a redheads worst enemy. Mix some chlorine in with that warm water and you've got yourself a great color stripper. Maintenance like crazy. Are you all enjoying my orphan gutter hair look? I achieve this by not washing it, sweating, and sleeping on it multiple times. The humidity is a good additive as well. Just call me fuzzy fur head. Oh, people have asked me where I came up with my blog name. Freckleface Strawberry, a book here. I'm not as freckly, but I am a redhead with a face full of muted freckles. 

Can we talk about this top (dress for me) and jacket? Hecccck yes. Super stoked when these bad boys landed at my front door. Once it gets below 200 degrees this jacket will probably end up fusing to my body because I will wear it so much. The Cross Office is giving you all a 20% discount from their store when you enter STRAWBERRYFRECKLES at checkout. You all know my love for etsy stores, so check out all of the shops I have listed. Lotsa love for them. Way better to have original pieces, in my opinion.

One more day for the crystal necklace giveaway


Monday, July 11, 2011


 Frumpy-butt to the max.
 Humidity like whoa, notice the wet sticky hair. Super sexy.

 Master of the unhappy pathetic look = yours truly.

thrifted snake top and shorts, gadzooks belt (remember that store?!), gifted vpl bralette, headband/necklace c/o cloaks and daggers, red fang necklace from opulent oddities, turquoise and gold ring c/o la dama, turquoise and silver ring c/o gypsy warrior, minotaur ring c/o nous savons, painted bamboo rings from morocco, darescuers tribal bracelet, crystal cuff c/o gather jewelry

As a lover of elemental and organic jewelry, I am proudly hosting a giveaway for this triple quartz crystal necklace by ISOBELL. A native Californian, ISOBELL aka Melody, makes jewelry inspired by all things I wish I could say I lived around. I'll just pretend I live by the coast instead of this flat, swampy forgotten part of the country. Thank goodness I frequent California often. I crave the ocean about as much as I crave the desert. She is also giving my readers a 20% discount code "SUMMERBLOG" which you can use HERE

All you have to do is comment with your e-mail address and either like ISOBELL jewelry on facebook here or follow her blog here.

The winner will be chosen in a week using random.org. PS. Super super into Moroccan and Tuareg jewelry and designs as of late. The women make such beautiful and rich art. A part of me wishes I could live freely and be nomadic across the Sahara desert and all over Africa. Ahh. I'd want to wear less clothing, though. Duh.



I've said it before and I'll say it again. The collage art for All For The Mountain is just as insanely psychotropic as their jewelry. Would love a piece of their work. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

the good life

headband c/o wild and free jewelry, fringed dress c/o black pyramid, wholesale-dress.net top, tentacle & starfish pendant c/o silentcheesecake, hanging crystal necklace c/o nous savons, shorter crystal pendant necklace c/o my salvation,  metalicious knuckle ring, other jewelry from venice and flea market

Ventured to the craziest find 20 minutes outside of the city. Hidden away in overgrown weeds and brush was a tiny old motel, giant steel teepee, and this little abandoned gift shop. From what I gathered, the gift shop was built in 1909. Lots of broken and not broken things still packed away in there. I didn't take anything, though I wish I would have snagged that native american painting. I almost grabbed it but I heard movement in the attic as I went for it. Probably an animal, but in my mind I only could think of a scary old farmer that hides out and guards his treasures with a shotgun. So bam, gone. I didn't explore the teepee, but I will soon. 

Right now I am sitting in my 5th story apartment, windows wide open and listening to a blues fest going on outside. Ah, summer. Never leave, please? 

Also, I have been bombarded with giveaway requests, and I have decided yes on 3 of them. So expect a necklace, a shirt, and a ring, all coming soon to be given away. Stay posted, yo.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Thank you, Topshop. Gold and taupe is just what the doctor ordered. Can't wait for these babies to land a place in my overflowing closet.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lenni Vintage shorts winner!

wholesale-dress.net sheer top
DIY cut off shorts
American Apparel crossback bra
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Silent Cheesecake tentacle/starfish pendant
Nous Savons crystal necklace

After random.org-ing and finding out the number/person chosen DIDN'T follow the steps, I had to do it again and recount. Awesome, you who did that. Having that many people to count through is exhausting, wow. So, the winner of Lenni Vintage aztec shorts of choice is Amy Lee! More giveaways soon, I promise.

Quickly snapped some not so great photos of this outfit before rushing out with the friends. Prime example of why boobs are terrible. Luckily when I wore this out, it was dark, but in the daylight when I was getting ready, I looked rather ho-ish. If I had no boobs, this would not be an issue. Also, if you were wondering, yes, I do wear duct tape pasties almost every day instead of normal bras. Makes the ol' coconuts appear smaller and there's no issue when a breeze comes. 
I felt very witchy wearing this (good thing, mind you). Not only was I rocking my usual crystals and a pendant incasing a real tentacle and starfish around my neck, but the flowy black sheer top was rather Stevie Nicks inspired. This is actually even more dear to my heart because my mother grew up being told she looked like Stevie, and just so happens to love Fleetwood Mac. I put a photo of her and my dad at the bottom so you can see the resemblance. Stevie was a hottie, but I would say my mom was and is even more of a fox. Hope everyone had a great 4th! Favorite holiday for sure. 
Stevie 1
Stevie 2

These 2 attractive people created yours truly almost 27 years ago. Nuts. I am so old!