Friday, April 29, 2011

my salvation

Thrifted top
My Salvation jewelry
Vintage bracelet
Sam Edelman shoes
random flea market rings

Lately I have been somewhat obsessive over organic inspired jewelry and metals...and I was lucky enough to come in contact with My Salvation. In a previous post I had worn her triangle necklace, but that isn't enough...this gal is too good. Above I am wearing both necklaces by My Salvation, as well as the rustic arrowhead earrings. It all suits my style pretty wonderfully, and to top it off- it is all rather inexpensive! And to top THAT off, My Salvation is giving my readers a 20% discount on all of their lovely jewelry. How freaking sweet is that, people? Take advantage of that, and I will be wearing more jewelry from this store in the future so you'll get a chance to see more of what I like.

And I cannot go without mentioning this thrifted Pakistan dress/top found by, of course, my awesome friend Lacey - the one who also found me this crochet knit top while thrifting. She saw it and it (obviously) screamed my name and I could not be happier to wear it. LOVE the bell sleeves, the length, the pattern, ahhhh all of it. Too good of a find, right?

Here are some other rad items from My Salvation that I am in lust with:

My readers, get your 20% discount by entering STRAWBERRY20 at checkout at My Salvation. (make sure to enter code in all caps)


Thursday, April 28, 2011


If I ever needed something more than sleep and food, these wedges are it.

H O L Y  M O T H E R getonmyfeet


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pink is the new kinda lingo

It's probably hardly noticeable to you, but got muh hair colored today - hence the straight locks. I hardly ever straighten it anymore, too sharp looking. My face is too angular for sharp hair, especially as it's growing. Today I went for a slightly less orange and more orange-red-coral-pink color. And what better than a nice pinkish taupe colored shirt to go with? I found this Fossil shirt the other day at the Salvation Army for a buck. I don't think I will be going into that location anymore though. A lady that worked there spotted me from across the store and immediately began holding up hideous "new" clothing that she thought would look good on me. I kept saying "no thanks", but then she would just find another bedazzled neon shirt to hold up to me. Yikes. Leave me alone, lady. Let me shop in peace.
Most everything I have on is thrifted besides some of the jewelry and these killer taupe vintage boots I found online at a store I can't remember. Sorry store! Can't plug your name! I really like how they are loose at the top, not suctioned to my leg. Always a nice touch.

thrifted fossil shirt
cut off thrifted shorts
vintage boots and gold necklace
erin wasson triangle pendant (which hasn't left my body in days)
other random jewelry

Monday, April 25, 2011

eggy sunday

DIY cut off thrifted shorts
DIY pyrite necklace
Random other jewelry
F21 poncho
Sam Edelman booties
Etsy ear cuff

What a crazy Easter day. Almost 50 people over at my parents house, delicious food, my dad talking about an orgy he went to once that ended up being a bunch of guys playing cards, teaching my aunt how to do haircuts, The Office, and watching funny/obscene youtube videos. Sounds like your typical Easter.  Oh, and my brother was in charge of "hiding" eggs around the backyard for the little kids egg hunt. I guess he wanted them to use their brains and be strategic? Or maybe just get hurt?

Recently I have been contacted about promoting stores and items, and after much thought I have decided to go about things a little differently. Some history here, first. I have had a job since I was a wee little 14 year old child, and since then (even before then, really) I have had to pay for anything I wanted. When I was younger, this was a huge embarrassing deal to me because my friends got whatever they wanted from their parents, and then there were my parents that would ask for money from us when we drove through Taco Bell. I had to pay for my car insurance since I could drive, cell phone when I was 16, and I even moved out of my parents house into an apartment when I was in high school. I paid for it all myself. This is not to say my parents were not ever monetarily supportive. If I needed to borrow, that was never an issue. But, I learned the value of money at a young age, and I am very conscious of where it goes now. Whatever I have wanted, I have done myself, with my own drive and motivation. It is hard to start out doing makeup with hardly a "real" makeup kit, but that is what I wanted to do, so after a lot of promoting myself, screwing up, spending my own time and money, and doing free portfolio work, I finally got where I wanted to be. Oh yeah, you guys probably didn't know - before hair came makeup. I have been doing makeup for about 7 years now. Hair for almost 3. I've got quite a bit on my resume for makeup, including tons of fashion shows, editorial work, cinema, yadda yadda. I am rambling, but the point is that I worked hard for what I wanted and appreciated and needed the support of everyone - and if it weren't for the smaller local businesses and artists out here, I would not have made it very far. 
SO with all of that probably unnecessary mumbo jumbo, I made the decision to promote and work with independent artists and designers that I believe in. I want to show everyone what I love, and I want everyone to support these people as well, if you also love their work. They are working hard to get their things out in the open, and I believe it shouldn't go unnoticed. There are some amazing people out there with amazing talent that deserve some spotlight. In future posts you will be seeing numerous independent  artists things (jewelry and such), and possible give-aways as well. Exciting, right? I am stoked about it. 

Another thing I am stoked on? These handmade rings. Phenomenal. Buy them here.


Friday, April 22, 2011

triangles triangles

Remember how I was in search for the perfect triangle necklace? Well, not only did I find one, but I also got the Erin Wasson triangle pendent as a gift. Two perfect triangle necklaces in one week, score. I am in love with them. Also, big fan of wearing both gold and silver together. If only I had some rose gold to mix in I sense an hour+ long online shopping/browsing session coming on? 

I swear this city is windier than anywhere else. It didn't spell check "windier" so I will assume it is a real word though it looks wrong. Being a hair stylist here, especially working in one of Elle magazines Top 100 Salons in the USA (ahem, bragging) (2 years in a row might I add) you would assume my hair would look amazing every day. This wind really kills it. I live one block away from the salon, and in that block walk my hair gets completely ruined, I have flashed business men, and gravel flies into my face. All because of wind. Dumb.

On a sweeter note, I ate a GIANT rice crispy bar today. I mean HUGE. Probably at least 1,000 calories worth. That made my day. Food = my happiness. And good weather.

Erin Wasson Low Luv triangle pendant
My Salvation Geometry triangle necklace
Free People fringe top
H&M long cardigan
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Random other jewelry
Thrifted leather bag

P.S. These babies...or this baby...will be arriving at my door shortly. What a wonderful gift. Been stalking these FP shorts for awhile now.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

crochet 4 lyfe

One of my best friends came to my house with this top the other day. Pretty awesome, right? So, here are some quickies to show off her gift. Thank you, Lacey. :-) 

PS. I seriously have some cool awesome give-aways from some wicked independent sellers/artists in the near future. Keep watching to make sure you can get in on the amazingness. 
On a side note...I need this Asos top, right?


Monday, April 18, 2011

FreePeople winner, people!

After using and counting and recounting and making sure that I had the number correct (while not repeating people who wrote multiple comments, and taking into consideration people who tweeted and posted), we have a winner! Ann! Congrats, lady. You will be wearing this in no time. Thank you to everyone who participated and don't worry...we have more give-aways in the making. Some amazing handmade jewelry in the mix...guess you'll have to stay posted to see. What do you guys like for give-aways? I'm a jewelry freak so of course I get excited about that. Also I get excited about food, which I have hardly anything of. PB&J with tots tonight?

Dreary week here. I feel awful for all of the people that have lost family and friends in the recent midwest tornados. Luckily we have steered clear here. I am ready for actual Spring weather to happen already. I keep telling myself that I want to move to the southwest or maybe to the middle east for some dry desert amazingness. I think I would do fine over there. I guess I just picture myself being Jasmin with a pet tiger and a palace to live in. I assume that is how life is living there as a woman, am I right people? ;-)

And thank you again readers for putting me in the Top 10 Up and Coming list for bloglovin. My blog is still new and I am still trying to figure it all I really appreciate it. I am glad it is being enjoyed.

yellow jedzebel bag from india
american apparel cropped top
f21 maxi skirt
sam edelman booties
belt from stella
jewelry is thrifted and from venice

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am a hoarder of 2 things. The first one being shorts. I like all shorts, so long as they aren't cargo. I think I buy more bottoms than I do tops, which ends up being quite frustrating when having to rush to get ready. (I am always rushing.) The other thing I hoard, as of late especially, are rings. I never spend too much on a single ring, most are found at flea markets and thrifting, with the occasional asos, etsy, or ebay buy thrown in there. After flea marketing today (is that even a verb, flea marketing?) I got 5 rings for only 10 bucks! Some are pictured here, but some you can't see. I couldn't really get all of my rings photographed without lining them all up, which looks and feels dumb. But, here is a glimpse into my lil collection. Most of my emails and comments seem to be about my jewelry, so I felt this was appropriate. Right? Do you guys like jewelry posts or do you really not care?  I'd like to know what people want to see. Where do you guys tend to buy jewelry from? I am seriously all over the place. Dinner time! Tata.

Free People give-away ends tomorrow. Enter here!

PS. #8 on Bloglovin's Top 10 up and coming blogs? Wow, thanks everybody. Golly. Making me blush.