Sunday, July 29, 2012


mink pink velvet bustier, thrifted and diy shorts, blouse from american vintage, thrifted shoes, bag from army surplus, random jewelry

I wasn't much prepared to snap outfit pics but I believe this blouse deserves some attention. I'm trying hard to imagine who originally wore it, but all that comes to mind is a half-formed picture of a woman wearing giant round glasses sporting a black precision bob haircut. Much like Edna Mode, but with a slightly more outrageous and fun personality. 

So, I am moving to the SF bay for a month before I start career-ing here. I guess I will continue to live out of my car and various space bags. Every time I open my trunk I am reminded that, "Oh yeah! I have more clothes! I forgot I even owned t-shirts and skirts!" I have such a limited amount NOT in my car that I fail to remember I have more than just these boots to wear. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. It's like Christmas every time I bust out a new space bag.

Sticky is asleep to the right of me, softly growling and sideways sleep-running. Her nose is twitching like crazy and her eyes are considerably wide open. Just FYI. I think she's aware of my blog posting which relaxes her knowing that I won't be annoying her with kisses every 5 seconds.



Monday, July 23, 2012


top from melrose trading post, necklace from maya, thrifted shorts, belt and boots, bootstraps from ebay, bag from army surplus

I was telling Isabel and Rachel that this top reminded me of my dad. He has (had?) a similar t-shirt in army green color with mushrooms and, BONUS! - an alien; the alien sat atop a 'shroom. I recall him wearing said shirt with baggy jeans and bare feet as he unhappily had to come pick me up when I was a minor in trouble with the police. We are twins, now, dad! Speaking of dad, look at how hot my parents were:

Who knew Stevie Nicks and John Travolta would muster up a zingy redhead that rocks magic mushrooms at age 27?

Ps. Rachel and Isabel are rad and fun and beautiful humans, in case you were wondering. Obviously.
Pps. Bloglovin didn't post my previous blog entry. Whatupwitdat?


Saturday, July 21, 2012


beaded net top and shell belt c/o tati vintage, crochet vest c/o claire verity, backpack c/o lucky vintage seattle, american apparel shorts, unearthen pendulum ring, random jewelry, jeffrey campbell boots

I have been surprised with some really amazing things in the mail from some really amazing sponsors since arriving in Orange County. The beaded top and shell belt are from Tati Vintage, who currently have these glorious babies in stock:
Like, what? Are those real? And why am I not a size 5 and a half? Stupid idiot feet, being all evil stepsister-ish. 

The vest is handmade by Claire Verity in NYC. I've worn it to death, and am FINALLY debuting it on my blog. This thing has been basically attached to me since it's been hot out. Gotta cover up my booty in these hot pants somehow, right? Or not. Seeing as how about 50% of the population in the beach cities are basically naked all the time, I feel right at home in bootylicious shorts. Ignore the fact that I just used that horrid adjective. (but it's true...)

To top it off, my oldest and also newest sponsor, Lucky Vintage, was kind enough to send over a sweet package which included this backpack. Little did they know that I have a wallet-thing in the exact same pattern. Matchy matchy. Lucky freaking rules. You know this is true as she is in 1352 CIRCLES ON ETSY. That means 1352 people love this store. Plus me. And now you.

I would have spread all of this out in more than just one post, but I haven't been able to blog as much lately due to obvious reasons. And this outfit just made sense, okay? I am in the process of moving to the SF bay for a month before I move back down to Los Angeles and I can't really keep track of everything that's going on, except that it is good. Good good good.


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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I've been busy doing nothing but lounging on the beach, nostalgia-ing, eating, dogging*, and traveling before I restart life. 

Thrift stores are stupid expensive, here, by the way.

*surrounded constantly by dogs that want attention

Thursday, July 12, 2012


thrifted shorts, halter c/o american deadstock, vintage boots, jewelry from flea market, small towns in AZ and NM, ebay, and anna-christina

What is up with all the beaches not allowing dogs? I've had to sneak The Stick in my purse too many times, now. She's my little E.T. Ten extra pounds on one shoulder gets heavy rather quickly - especially on a sunburned one; yowza.

Anyway, I now reside here in Southern California. I am living out of space bags and boxes, which BLOWS. I can't wait to finally get our place in LA so I can unpack and breathe.

The trip out here was glorious, as my road trips usually are: full of fun and exploring and breaking the law over and over. 


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm not dead.

Just YOLOing.

Soon, I promise.