Monday, May 30, 2011

i want a vacation

rings from L to R: flea market, metalicious, ardent1, thrifted, moth and garnet, metalicious.
why do my fingers look so dirty? they aren't, I promise
 thrifted galaxy dress
boots from some store in westwood, la
vintage horse shoe necklace
shark tooth necklace from metalicious
 eyeball bracelet from ebay
other random bracelets

 Tried something new! A middle part. I was a little skeptical at first because a. I have bangs and b. I haven't done this since I was a nerd in junior high. Oh, and c. because I have a very angular face. But overall I think I like the part, and amidst the craziness last night (memorial day today, no one working = nuts downtown) people managed to drunkenly compliment it as well. Maybe they all had their beer goggles on, who knows.  Cheers to stepping outside of my weird hair box! After looking at Wolf&Willow, I decided it is about time to take a trip to southern CO and hit up the Great Sand Dunes. However, I only have a weekend to spare, and I don't want it to be spent flying and then driving 4 hours to get to the dunes. So I'm thinking I should take an appreciation for the dumb state that I live in and maybe go spend a weekend somewhere cool here. Sandhills, or Ash Falls...something like that. I need a vacation. Someone buy me a ticket to Egypt?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

velvet shorts in a steel yard

shorts from spanish moss
asymmetrical top from bluefly (a similar cheaper one here)
ebay bag
dirty hair from not washing it for 2 weeks
mother of pearl ring from moth and garnet
random other rings
crystal necklace made by me
thrifted shark necklace
aldo shoes

Normal day, hanging around the ol' metal yard. As I have mentioned before, I am a hoarder. Of shorts. (and jewelry, duh.) I got these shorts the other day and I am IN LOVE. Crushed velvet goodness that have an elastic strap so they will fit forever! I have a feeling these shorts are going to fuse to my skin before the summer is over. 

I'm sure you all know about the deadly tornado in Joplin that happened the other night. I can't get it out of my head. I feel so terrible for the families that have missing or dead relatives. I keep wondering when a big one will hit where I live. I have yet to be in a tornado. The most I have seen were 5 funnels forming above me when I was near Devils Tower. We drove away reeeeal fast. I am nervous that one will happen when I am sleeping and I won't wake up to the sirens. This has also lead me to think..what would I grab if I only had minutes to run 5 stories down into the basement? My money? My laptop, photos, what? I have no idea. But like I said, a tornado has yet to hit this city so what am I really worried about, eh? EHHHH? 

Kind of cool news - Beachbody has asked me to do a testimonial video for my "outstanding P90X transformation." I have to answer a bunch of questions wearing next to no clothing to show off my nutso buff crazy body and rippling muscles. Kidding. About the rippling buffness. But I do have to have me working out on video and talk about what inspired me to do the program, and basically inspire people to do the same. I am a beachbody program freak. Have you guys ever tried P90X or Insanity or any other beachbody program? If not, you should. And if you have, you need to be a coach, like me! Here is my beachbody page if you are all ever interested in trying it. No gimmick. Just real, awesome results. 

Time for food. I'm hungry.  

In the mean time, check these ladies out. Just a few bloggala ladies that rock my socks and also have fantastic original style. Few of my many faves. :-)


Monday, May 23, 2011


H&M tank
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
F21 shorts
macrame bag from ebay
thrifted belt
Bloomingdales bralette (perfect for sheer tops, super awesome)
My Salvation antler necklace and earrings
Nobletown Vintage necklace
random rings

Oh, blog. I have been neglecting you. This last week has been a mix of busyness/rain/tired. I would say mostly rain, as it's been thunder storming like crazy, but really most of it is me being overly exhausted and sleepy. I don't know why exactly, but 8 hours of sleep a night hasn't been cutting it lately. It's been hard to even be motivated to work out, something I usually do 6 days a week. I have instead dozed off and felt too sluggish to move most of the week. The last thing I have felt like doing is blogging. Until now, apparently! But seriously, sleep is amazing. I'm not sure what I like better - sleep, or food. 

On a side note, today was my brothers high school graduation party. I cannot believe it. In a few months he will have his own place and will be going to art school. He is phenomenally artistic, just like my sister who is also going to school for art - graphic design. So phenomenal in fact, that he was bored in class one day, photoshopped a photo of Tech Nine asjdhfkashdfa REWIND. I must mention that my brother is pretty obsessed with Tech Nine, and that Tech wears white face paint for every tour of his. Also, he has a new album coming out. FAST FORWARD. Cody photoshopped face paint on a random photo of Tech Nine that went along with the theme and title of his new album. He put it on Techs message boards, and guess who e-mailed my brother shortly after? That's right. They asked him if they could use his face design for his upcoming tour because Tech loved it. So, if you see him on tour at all this brothers art is on his face. 

Congratulations to my lil bro for graduating. Yikes!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

who won the buffalo tooth necklace..!?

 I love sea horses. I love rings. Sea horse ring. Heck yes.

You know what I realized today? I will never be able to just buy things that I "absolutely love". I do not over spend, my budget is pretty set out and followed...but I do need to someday figure out how to not buy things I like and only purchase things I love. Mostly talking about clothing, here. It's just too easy to walk in somewhere looking for one thing and leaving with a lot of other things and without that one thing. I don't feel alone, I think every female interested in fashion probably has this mindset. Maybe? Last night I stayed in Omaha after a block party and my friends dog chewed up my leather purse and leather necklace string. I have never been around one of "those" dogs. But, she was too adorable and loving otherwise, so I convinced myself that I didn't like that purse anyway and the necklace needed a new chain. This is how much I love dogs. They can rip apart my belongings and then shake my hand and lick my arm and I am instantly okay with what they just did. This does not work with humans, however, so don't get any ideas. 

Alas! The winner of the water buffalo necklace by Miss M....goes to...drumroll here...
After counting twice, it looks as though #11 is Kathleen! Way to go girl, all it took was a second of your time and a little typing, and now you get a sweet necklace that I want! My readers can still use my 15% discount code on both her vintage and jewelry shop, up until tomorrow (Monday). Code is STRAWBERRYFF15.

I am wearing:
2 different pairs of leather feather earrings courtesy of  My Salvation
charm bracelet courtesy of Vestige 
 Seahorse ring courtesy of Ardent1
Flea market, F21, Kaitlyn other jewelry
American Apparel bandeau
thrifted tank


Friday, May 13, 2011


My only roommate, mannequin lady. Weird that I haven't named her. She was a gift from my friend Jasmin. She only has one limb, poor gal.
Bracelets. Not enough room.
My husband, Weezy. Notice how good I am at putting up posters. Also, I am 26 and still have posters up. Cool.
My babies. Got an ant farm but actually this picture is a few months old and they have since all died. Ants are surprisingly intelligent and super interesting to watch. You should google them and then get an ant farm, and you'll never consciously step on an ant ever again. Those white mounds are food that they have covered up. Notice little pooky carrying a big chunk of sand. Strong.
This is actually quite annoying. I cannot get a necklace off of this without other necklaces falling off. Does anyone have a necklace holder they don't want/use? I could really use a second, and probably a third.
Some shooz.
Living room. Sweet couch I got for really cheap. This couch has helped many drunk friends get a good nights rest when they could't drive home. The art on my wall is my sisters work. She is super super talented.
Bracelets. Duh.
Lucky cat, japanese soda, and other stuff on my window. 
View from outside my windows. Right down that street a giant porn store got burned down to the ground a few months ago. Just the porn store. Nothing surrounding it. That was a sight to see at 10 am on a Sunday morning. 

You've requested and now you shall receive. I didn't take photos of everything, because honestly my apartment isn't that exciting. The one thing I wish I could photograph but couldn't are my high ceilings. 15 feet of open space up there. And lots of high windows. I feel like I have exhausted everyone with my jewelry, but it takes up a lot of space here so I figured I would photograph some of it. But yes, this is where I spend a lot of my time, and it is my favorite place to be (excluding the southwest, and the beach). I live alone which freaking rules, and even better - one block away from the salon, so I hardly drive. My place is downtown, so at night it is very fun to spy on drunken idiots fighting outside of the bars, and during the day the streets are riddled with every kind of person you can imagine walking around. Fun to people watch. Hope you enjoyed this post. I want food now. Later.

Don't forget to enter the buffalo tooth necklace give-away here. Sunday the winner will be announced!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Buffalo tooth necklace GIVEAWAY!

The wind is INSANE in this state. Some days, there is not a single point in the day when the wind isn't blowing like crazy. Today being one of them.

So, as promised...a give-away! I actually found Miss M's blog, The Huntress awhile back and fell in love with it. Her style is pretty spot on with mine, and I love love LOVE her jewelry. Not only does she make jewelry, she also has a vintage shop here where I got this striking poncho from. I have never seen a poncho like this, and I now stick out my tongue and flip off my other dumb ponchos because I have shifted my love and attention towards this one. Like choosing a favorite sibling. This one is the best. She also made the charm bracelet that I am wearing in these photos. I needed no other accessories on my arm with this baby. I have been looking for the perfect charm bracelet and now I have it to go along with the perfect poncho adsfjhasdfasf ahhhh.

SO! On to the fun stuff. The give-away is for this so-amazingly-boss water buffalo necklace. (ps I want this necklace so I am super jealous) This give-away will last until Sunday the 15th, so just less than a week away! Some lucky jewelry lover like myself will receive this in the mail sent by Miss M herself. Yippee!

1. Leave a comment with your email address.
2. Follow her blog OR like her facebook here
3. Follow me on Bloglovin here (don't want a non-reader to win, that's not cool)

ALSO- she is giving all of my readers 15% off both her jewelry store AND her vintage store. Just enter the code STRAWBERRYFF15 at checkout. You really should follow her blog regardless of this give-away. Girl's got mad taste. And she just got done putting together a Gypsy Night Market with a lot of other talented crafters. Suhweet.

That's it. Simple dimple. Winner receives a lovely water buffalo tooth necklace pictured below.