Sunday, January 29, 2012


jeffrey campbell boots, american deadstock skirt, thrifted tank, vintage knit cardigan, flea market jewelry

My vacation is nearing its end and as suspected I am incredibly down about it. I am, however, excited to end the repetitive suitcase outfit mumbo jumbo. I expected to shop way more than what I have but instead I continue to find myself being pulled by the strongest magnetic forces to the beaches around here. I wish the days were longer so I could spend more time outside. Though I frequent California rather often, this past month I have learned so much about myself by being out here. I cannot wait to return again. Almost time to take the end of vacation road trip through the southwest deserts before I end up in the dreary cold midwest again. Major yuck. And major suck. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


sheer top from crossroads trading co, boots from ebay, thrifted button up top

86 freaking degrees out. Yes yes yes yes YEESSSSSS!!!! Per usual, it is incredibly ambitious of me to think of writing content because I am so distracted by the beach and movies on top of being surrounded by people at all times lately. Right now I have 4 dogs playing in front of me while 3 of us are chowing down donuts. And yes - Ludacris is in the movie we have on. 

Sorry to keep it short. In the mean time, here are a few things to entertain you with.

#1 - The sunset last night driving home from the beach. Unreal.

#2 - A photo of my (hopefully) future dog/ewok.

#3 - A great song.

#4 - A link to my tumblr full of girls who dress better than me.

Peace out.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


vintage beaded tank gifted from lacey, thrifted beanie, jeffrey campbell boots, flea market jewelry and bag, f21 dress

I have probably spent more time on the shores of Laguna Beach than the people living there, as I cannot imagine someone that works to death so they can afford their 18 million dollar house having much time to spend on the sand. Today instead of going to the beach, hiking in the Laguna Canyon hills sounded like fun. California Winter is so harsh...on my eyes. Because of sun. I could get used to this.

It's been awhile since I shared some of my favorite etsy items. Here are some of my newest finds. Click on the photo to go to the item and buy it for me (or die). <3


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have not been posting as much due to only having a suitcase of clothing for the month. Most of it being repetitive and tie dye. And shorts. I hope you enjoy this little montage I have put together to show what I have been filling up my time with lately. The beach has been a staple during the day hours and the nights being filled with exploring and hanging out with friends. I've done a little shopping, but with this weather being so fantastic, it's hard not to spend all of my waking hours on the sand. As far as shopping goes - that little perfume necklace is probably my favorite find. Sunday was spent at the Melrose flea market with Madeline and her friend when I happened upon this lil' gem. I want to store everything in its metal womb. Pills, potions, moonshine, you name it. And yes, Madeline looks exactly like she does in her photos - stunning, stylish, and bite size. 

I hope you are all enjoying your Winter as much as I am. ;-)

Song for you.