Thursday, May 31, 2012


A few pics from this last weekend. No one anticipated the cold, since it was 99 degrees in the city. I only had shorts (duh) so I had to run to a dollar store to pick up those black yoga leggings before my limbs fell off in the 50 degree foggy BS.

*cave exploring
*cave/den discovering, full of fossilized seashells and crystals lining the walls
*ghost towns
*fanny pack
*saving a snake from its untimely highway demise
*buffalo everywhere
*cowboy town thrifting
*black hills
*fog-ass fog
*half naked cody most likely on pcp running through the rockland

Travel is necessary, always. Even if it's just for a few days. Especially travel with no plan and an open road.

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Monday, May 28, 2012


thrifted skirt, vest and boots, bootstraps from ebay, random jewelry

These photos really show off how short I am, eh? I am pretty sure the last time this skirt was worn was in high school. Why I still have it in my possession is beyond me. Oh well. I dig it again.

 I spent the last week outdoors and I am going to do just that right now. I can't ever get enough of nature. I should probably just quit renting and buy an RV to live and travel in, already. I don't require much space and if I could pick up and leave every weekend, I'd be one happy camper. Road tripping is the way to my soul. I just drove for 12 hours straight, and am ready to do it again. Outside > inside.


Monday, May 21, 2012


leggings c/o babooshka, thrifted denim vest, american apparel cropped top, boots from uo, bag from euphoria, triangle necklace c/o under the pyramids, random jewelry

The only thing not perfect about today is that Sticky is at the vet getting spayed. All I can picture is my little bearlamb in a crate, scared and wondering where I am. I wish I could know her thoughts. I wish she had a voice. A lot of people were against having her spayed because (obviously) her babies would be adorable and well behaved. My initial thinking was "OMGYES. Her puppies would be FREAKING PERFECT." Approximately 3 seconds after this reoccurring daydream, my logic kicks in and reminds me that there are millions of dogs in shelters and I certainly don't need to contribute to the rapidly growing overpopulation because of something so shallow as cuteness. Every year some insane number in the millions of animals are put in shelters or are roaming around with no home. Of these millions, about half get adopted while the other half are euthanized. A lot of these animals were once litters of cats or pups that were purposely bred and sold to families, while some of them are just a result of careless owners not spaying or neutering their pets. Animals aren't choosy, people. Their intense hormonal drive to procreate is instinctual and they WILL have babies. Lots of babies. And the majority of those babies will end up needing to be adopted at shelters. These are the animals you should be adopting. Quit going to breeders. Quit going to pet stores. It only perpetuates more breeding and less adoption of pets in need. Go to your local humane society or shelter, unless you're lucky enough to find a Stick wondering around your neighborhood, homeless and needing a friend.

What did that have to do with fashion? Nothing. Well, Sticky wears clothes sometimes. So there's my pathetic attempt at a relevant connection.

On a side note - these leggings are the shizzzzz - bright and shiny gunmetal space cadet, and hyped to be worn, especially after finally watching Thor. Thank you, Babooshka, these leggings rule. Check them out here. They've got a ton of rad items on major sale at the moment. And seriously, I say the word 'babooshka' probably upwards of 6 times a week, making me love this store even more. Babooshka babooshka babooshka!


Friday, May 18, 2012


See those two necklaces? See how perf they are? One of my longest running sponsors and rad jewelry designer has decided to give away one of these bad boys to one of ya'll. My Salvation is a shop full of quills, bones, hair pipe beads, and even casted pieces like these dagger necklaces. Browse the store while you eat some brownies and listen to The Tough Alliance, and you're guaranteed to have a great night. 

To win one of these two necklaces you must:
1. "Like" My Salvation on Facebook HERE.
2. Be awesome.
3. Leave a comment with your choice of necklace and e-mail so I may contact you if you win.  

Extra entries for tweeting this post or putting a link to it on your facebook! Please put a second comment if you have done that. 

So which will it be? The blue and white hair pipe necklace? Or the crescent quill one? 
The winner will be chosen in one week - Saturday, May 26th!

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Monday, May 14, 2012


Talk about a lookbook straight out of my dreams. I don't care how many bloggers have posted this. 

Photography: Harper Smith



crochet top c/o horizon's ed3e, thrifted shorts and top, my salvation red horn hair pipe necklace, jeffrey campbell boots, belt from bodhi imports

Can we please take a moment of silence for this outstanding crochet gem? ______. Yesterday was the perfect weather of all the perfect weather, so naturally I wore the perfect crochet top of all the perfect crochet tops. I've been seeing sparks fly in my rapidly-growing relationship with halter tops, namely cropped halter tops. I don't know, I just love 'em. Horizon's Edge was awesome enough to send this one over awhile back and I couldn't help but wear it immediately, even in the freezing weather. I FROZE FOR THIS. If you're into the same crochet-free spirited-colorful shiz that I'm into, you should check out Georgia's store here. She's got some awesome goodies.

I don't know about you, but I am itching to be in the desert right now. This top wants to be in the desert too, on my body. I need a road trip. Soon. Reeeeeeeal soon.

Relevant song.