Saturday, August 25, 2012


bag from euphoria, vintage blouse, thrifted and diy shorts, boots from random store in westwood a few years back, vanessa mooney bracelet, garage sale necklaces, american apparel bandeau

 I, Casey, promise to adhere to the following strawberryfreckleface blog rules:

1. Use at least one photo with the ambiguous "hand-in-hair" gesture.
2. Never EVER look left. (my left, idiot.)
3. Always stand pigeon-toed.
4. Bring wind with me everywhere. I thought I was safe after leaving the midwest, but apparently I'm a cyclone magnet. 
5. Leave the hairbrush at home. And not touch it for a week. And then take photos.

*Real talk: I have not washed my hair in over a week and probably have tiny aquatic insects nesting in my follicles from rock jumping into river water a few days ago. My dog has acquired unrelenting fleas since moving to California, so my conceivable hair pests are my way of saying, "Hey, Stick. I feel ya. I'll keep these sympathy bugs in my hair for moral support until Frontline and flea baths start working." Guess that means I'm never washing my hair again. Sigh.

PS. I have been finding the most amazing things EVER lately when thrifting/garage sale-ing. This blouse was like fifty cents at the same thrift store in which I posted about in my last blog entry. Vallejo, man. BOMB thrifting.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


thrifted shoes, bag, and dress, choker from etsy, unearthen pendulum ring, other jewelry from flea market

Sometimes things don't quite make sense. This outfit, for example. I found this large t-shirt/dress-thing at a thrift store and I was both perplexed and excited. What is this? Who wore this giant colorful potato sack before me? All of that is irrelevant now, because I'm finally ready for a Hawaiian toga party. All I need is a willing host. And some fresh flowers to adorn my hair with. 

Here are a few of the amazing new finds I got at the same oversized-parrot-top-carrying thrift store, complete with a vintage room that is only open during part of each week. I happened to go on the 50% off day; HOORAY!

This is only about half of what I scored there. Those Egyptian pillows are SO GOOD even though this photo makes them look mega faded. I just can't get over them. When I get settled, a lot of this is going on my etsy account, along with some other goodies I have been collecting over the past month. Be excited, people! 


Monday, August 13, 2012


leggings from euphoria, mahina necklace and akha bracelet c/o vanessa mooney, other jewelry from flea market and grandmother, thrifted shoes and bag and cardigan

You know when you are constantly moving around and you have sponsor packages sent to one address but then you leave that address and then the package gets lost in the mail and then you have to reroute and move again and figure out the first of the two new addresses and so on and so on and AHHHHHHHHH. You know what that's like, right? Finally I have arrived at destination #83234 to a glorious long-awaited box from Vanessa Mooney with even more glorious jewels. Yummy yummy. This lovely LA gal's got it goin' on like whoa. Her jewelry is immaculate and her style emulates her work: pure perfection.

I think I brought Nebraska wind with me to the bay, as you can see in these photos. Next to the water brings crazy wind, and my face suffers from my hair as a result. Yay, wind! But seriously, wind can suck it. 

PS?. (THESE LEGGINGS, right?!)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In my perfect world, desert canyon-land would be only a few minutes away from everywhere, and shorts would be mandatory. Summer forever.

Here are some of my recent favorite shorts from my flawless etsy dream list. I've shared it before and I can boast because this list is literally perfect in every way and the focus isn't on myself. So, psh. 


As far as the shorts go, click on the picture to be linked directly to the source. Regular outfit blog posting will return soon.