Monday, February 28, 2011

flea market and beyond

Woke up (somewhat) early Sunday morning to hit up the annual flea market here. We literally hopped out of bed and left. Took zero minutes to get ready after getting dressed. Hence the "dead/sick" look. Worth it. 150 venders...lots of cool stuff, and lots of junk. I only bought jewelry, quite a bit of it...and spent less than $40 total! Holy buckets, I know! Here are some shots from the day...and night. As you can tell, I had a long night. I was ready to sleep on my carpet I was so out of it. Made it to my bed, luckily.

Coats: F21
Jewelry: flea market
Dress: H&M
Knee High socks: American Apparel
Striped Crop: Vintage


  1. i love that skeleton! and the jewelry looks amaze! looks like a good flea!

  2. beautiful jewellery love your jacket!!

  3. LOVE your blog! you have AWESOME photos! i am following from now on!!!!
    cool RINGS! im a ring lover :P

    thanks for stopping by mine too! and for your comment! will be in touch xo


  4. Amazing pics!!