Monday, February 7, 2011

spanish moss

As you should know by now...I am quite obsessed with fringe. So, naturally, I needed this American Gold fringe dress to fill my appetite. It worked. Kind of. I still want more, but I am very happy with this dress. It feels like I am wearing nothing, it's so light. I love the clothes on Spanish Moss, but I would feel weird in a lot of the American Gold clothing. I think you need to be tall to look good in a lot of it. Oh well, love this dress!

American Gold fringe dress from Spanish Moss
F21 leggings
Jewelry from random boutiques and grandmas jewelry box
Crossback bra from American Apparel



  1. I love this outfit.
    nice blog you have, followed (:

  2. dress is great, but love the jewels and the boots.

  3. ummm boot love! dying!


  4. Wow i love your boots and your pics are really good- great look!! Follow you
    x milla