Friday, February 25, 2011

welcome to shakuhachi

It's another snowy day here. We have gotten dumped on the past 2 days, and are supposed to get another heaping pile of white hell tomorrow. I will say, though, this really does make me appreciate and cherish Spring and Summer. People that live on the coasts and don't make it outside much, barely see the beach, and don't own coats really don't realize what they have. Oh well, right? Warm breezy days will be here soon enough. At least I will get a break from all of this when I head back out to Orange County next month. Whoo! Here is a view from my apartment window last night...

Shakuhachi top (rocks, handmade from Indonesia)
Rings from Asos & F21
Snake hand piece from Asos
Urban Outfittes necklace
MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick 



  1. omGOSHH in LOVE with your snake handpiece AND the peacock ring! i love peacocks theyre so beautiful!
    thanks for the lovely comment :-)

  2. Just discovered your blog and LOOOVE it!! Now following you and have linked your blog to mine xx

  3. Thanks for your very kind comment- love your blog!
    These photos are adorable- great jewelry and super duper awesome Shakuhachi top.
    New follower, I can't wait to see more loveliness from you : )

  4. OH MY GOD!
    love that snake bracelet AMAZING!!!!
    thanks for the comment by the way!
    very cute blog also...NOW FOLLOWING
    duda & cristy

  5. love the accessories :)
    like the header, thanks for the comment on my blog:)following u :) follow me back if u like ;)

  6. All of these photos are so gorgeous! I love your rings and the view from your apartment window :)

  7. Thank you for the comment!

    Absolutely want the snake hand piece!
    I also have the peacock ring as well! :)

  8. wow i love your hair color