Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, oh Leila

Leila Shams is one of my recent favorites. She is relatively new to the solo scene, and I am mega wanting her entire Super Freak s/s 2011 collection. Her 2 prior collections to this were awesome as well...but the upcoming Fall collection...meh. Not too excited about it. These pieces are fan-freaking-tastic, though. Can't decide which is my favorite, but I am feeling those tie-dye purple pants.



  1. ok. if i don't own this bag, i might cry. the super long amazing fringe almost touching the ground is BEYONDDDD!!!! second, love your crafty spine dress---it looks insane on you i love. and third---did you ever get my email about our small world coincidence?? i never heard back from you and was having trouble with my email, so i wasn't sure but hopefully you did?! i CANT believe someone knows kyle!! suuuuch a small world it still trips me out. and if you didn't get my email, please please let me know anyyyy questions or anything!!! hope to hear from you!

    your formerly red sister (mostly orange)


  2. hi there! the bag will be available on my site tomorrow. not happy about the meh rating on fall though. not happy at all!!!!

  3. I completely agree, SF. Normally Leila's collections rock....but the fall: meh. Leila dear, text me....we need to get together again soon!