Sunday, March 6, 2011

orange hair orange dress, of course.

A day off! I got to sleep in today. I started taking medicine that has been giving me horrible nightmares. Vivid, scary, sad, upsetting nightmares that seem to last all night. It's so strange that dreams can seriously ruin your sleep, which in turns makes the next day drag on when you feel like a complete drone from lack of sufficient sleep. Today though, I feel great! Thought I'd throw on a cute dress I got awhile back at a boutique here in town and and celebrate a day off where I feel awesome. 


Dress from Euphoria
Vintage belt
Etsy vintage bangle necklace
DIY pyrite necklace
Southwest pattern ring from Urban Outfitters
Asos spike ring
DIY hexnut bracelet


  1. I agree night mares are the worst thing to mess up your sleep..I hope it won't happen to you soon ^^ I like you dress by the way, the color is amazing on you :)

  2. Love that belt! And the color of that dress is look wonderful!
    xo Cara

  3. love this whole outfit and the photos :D beautiful combination and color !

  4. The spike ring is insane! Looks like some awesome piercing when you hold it up like that. definitely amazing with the dress. And you are gorgeous girl, freakin love your hair color.

  5. fabulous dress and jacket :)

  6. I could most definitely live without having nightmares but it's what makes us human - no dream can ever be perfect! makes me wish I took a few psychology courses in school..haha
    LOVE those rings!

  7. love love love the Asos spike ring.....i think i may need to get me one!

  8. love your cute orange dress!