Saturday, September 17, 2011


bralette c/o hopeless lingerie, dagger necklace c/o lanaredman, bracelets from Namibia Africa and f21, skirt/scarf from f21, sweater from kaitlyn

This dagger necklace is as close to Pamela Love steez as I own right now. And guess what? It's less than $30 at Lanaredman. This New Yorker makes some wicked necklaces. These are some of my other favorites from her shop: one, two, tres. Isn't she great? Stones and bones and fringy pendents galore. 

Hopeless Lingerie, an Australian company, was kind enough to send me this wonderful bralette complete with perfect triangle cut outs. Their collections are so stunning and innovative, and as explained on their site - their inspiration comes from "B-grade horror films, architecture, and modern art". Um, yes please. I love the cut-out on this cropped cami, and I'd love to see this pink-topped garter and it's straps peaking out from underneath some cut off denim shorts.

Getting a quickie in before all I can wear are pants and leggings. Yuck. Hate that stuff. Sweaters and coats are some of my least favorite things to wear, but pants? Don't even get me started. This is a busy weekend for me! Tomorrow I trek alongside buffalo in the rolling flint hills of Kansas, hoping to not die. Yeah, that's my only goal - no death. 


  1. Awesome as always doll sounds like you are going on a fun adventure my auntie lives in Kansas cant wait to hear what you get up too xoxo

  2. That bralette is really something special. You are very fortunate to have gotten it as a gift.
    and I absolutely adore your little about me paragraph. Dreamy
    Aesthetic Solar Falcon

  3. LOVE your new bra: is beautiful. The triangles are really cool. :)

    Your bracelets from Forever21 are awesome. After I take a look to the online store.


  4. I always like this skull necklace... is GREAT ^^
    And your bracelets from Forever21... ROCKS! :)
    I would like buy a pair, are cool!

    m u a a a k

  5. Those Photos are amazing!!! :)
    Looks absolutly great


  6. love this!!!! :)

  7. Everything about these photos is just absolutely gorgeous.

  8. love your skirt! pretty print on it :)

  9. Wow, what a beautiful outfit!!
    lOVe your style babe..
    xx milla

  10. Dear Strawberry Freckleface, I've found your blog today and I fell in love in a first second.

  11. I've only just found your blog now - I completely adore it! Your posts are wonderful and your photos are beautiful - you have an amazing taste in fashion! I'm following now! :)

  12. I love how you dress. Your accessories are perfect. I'm definitely following! x

  13. i also hate pants and leggings and jumpers especially! not a fan of winter because of that! except i was born in winter. weird.