Thursday, October 6, 2011


animal blouse c/o the youth haus, d.a.r.e. top from las cruxes, boots from uo, luckyvintage purse, f21 shorts, under the pyramids triangle necklace

If you are a blogger you know that you can see what people have put into search engines that result in a link to your blog that they have clicked on. After being rather perplexed by a good portion of these words and phrases, I have decided to keep a little sticky-note list of a few strange ones. I wish that I had started this list sooner, as some of the earlier search inputs have been absolutely nutso, but the idea lightbulb in my brain didn't turn on until recently. Here is a list I have compiled of a few odd series of words that have lead people to this blog.

  • Big boobs make me look slutty
  • being married is cool because
  • moo moo diapers
  • freckleface nude
  • clarissa explains it all ass pics
  • bad case of freckleface
  • who writes strawberry freckleface blog??
  • why does roberta tape boobs
  • deviant behavior ages 4-12
  • obsessing over illuminati+am i going insane
  • redhead freckle face africans
  • romantic and hot pictures
  • cicada face
  • std that make your neck hurt
  • pictures of healing cuts
  • where is strawberry freckleface?
What are some crazy things that you've come across in this category?

Next order of business, the outfit. A few things I am really diggin' on my bod here. First off, this insane-awesome sheer vintage blouse with every animal print you could want on a top (minus snake) from The Youth Haus. Rock and roll/grunge/90s vintage to the max. They put up discount codes and new items on their FB often. I <3 discount codes. Before I ever order anything online, which is what I typically do, I always check to see if the store has a discount code. Sales and codes make me all happy-dizzy inside because I feel like I just got lucky and cheated, which isn't the case obviously. But still, good feeling to have. Slight adrenaline rush, amiright?

The D.A.R.E cut off top is from LasCruxes, another sick vintage and repurposed shop. I have worn this shirt probably too much this past week. It is perfect for high waisted cut off shorts with the asymmetry from the front to the back. I am cutting my clothes up like crazy lately. If it's not asymmetrical, make it so. If there aren't holes, rip some. No raw edges? Shred the crap out of it. Nothing better than being almost 27 and looking like a hobo. Oh, Madi put some pink/salmon color in my hair. I was bored with what I had. Hair ADD.

A little old tune for you to enjoy. One that I listen to way too loud while driving.



  1. You just made me laugh until I lost it. You have some funny searches. Some faves of mine were 12 year old boy haircut, sweating and Peggy Bundy. I love your shorts and that sheer animal print top is to die for. I don't know if you are into blog awards, but I gave you one on my blog the other day.

  2. Now those are some weird phrases..the things people put into search engines are best not to be known. Love your outfit btw, great blouse !

  3. I love all those leopard prints! That list is hilarious! xx

  4. Obsessed with the mixed animal prints of that blouse!

  5. very beautiful *-*

  6. loving the things your blog comes up in the google search engine! they're hilarious xD
    and i love your outfit -- you make all the print work nicely with eachother.
    xx maggie

  7. OH MY GOD those searches made my week
    i love this outfit! aahhh perfect. totally better than Clarissa Explains It All ass pics!

  8. I love your outfit... and I love those key words that leads people to this blog

  9. Nice cool look...

    Oh those are pretty crazy keywords in there... really? to your blog...:)

  10. gosh, I love your luckyvintage purse, really well made! your whole outfit is just perfection!


  11. Great outfit, dreamy and edgy at the same time!

    your list made me laugh. people really look up the weirdest things!

  12. Std that make your neck hurt hahaha that is hilarious!!! I haven't got much interesting ones on mine :( lol!

    Love the shirt your wearing, so many prints!! Awesome outfit :)

    The Deer Head


  13. Love the outfit!!!! :)
    your style is amazing:)

  14. Ha that list is amazing! There's some crazy ways of getting to your blog! You look great in these pics, and I especially love that beetle ring :) xx

  15. Goooood I love your hair :) And your boots but u have a crazy style that works very well. I'm in loveee with it (i'm a little bit conservative)!

    I can see you didn't understand a word of what i said in my blog (by the way I was talkin bout older men and why they are better than young silly boys) :)

  16. Im gonna follow u and add u on my favs so i can have a little inspiration :)

  17. Y'know, I had been considering more night time flash photography for my outfit photos lately. This has only just really inspired me to try it asap -- which is awesome, 'cos I'm going to wear something pretty awesome later on while going out with friends, which might work in my favour.

    I just freaking love that DARE shirt. I don't know how you managed to make it work with the drapey over shirt, but you did, and it's fantastic. ♥

  18. Great outfit!

    xx Alexandra

  19. Amazing look, it´s perfect!Kisses!!

  20. Thank you!You are awsome!
    Follow my blog! I'll be very grateful!

  21. OMG that blouse is so dreamy! NEED! Leopard is my obsession :) nice post. xox

  22. I am literally DYING over this blouse!!! OMG I WANT IT! OBSESSED. IN LOVE!


  23. I love your hair and all the detail you put into your outfits!

  24. The internet is a strange place, and search engine results are such a hilarious reminder.
    Especially love the shirt, & your jewelry looks sweet, as ever.

  25. oo soo sick.. i love the mix of all the prints/colors/textures

    totally killing it


  26. I must admit, very interesting post!
    Lovin' your outfit too!

  27. My favorite that I've ever gotten was "teen sorcery online."
    Your hair looks great! So pretty <3

  28. I love animal print!!!
    I've seen almost all your posts and I love all of them! NEW FOLLOWER
    Thanks for cheking my blog:)
    besitos <3

  29. Thanks! It's a dog collar I bought at the supermarket ;)

    PS. Some of those searches are really creepy :S
    + Is that a cockroach on your ring? :O
    Cool :D

  30. You always have the coolest accessories, I would kill to play dress-up in your closet....

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  32. So funny

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  33. Really great outfiiit! I love your shorts and your shoes. those are pretty crazy things to use to end up on your blog.. one of my most recent ones is "luna lovegood clothes"
    oh and um.. that is one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs ever.

  34. I'm so in love with your blogging-style dear, really unique and lovely post :))

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    It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3

  35. HAHAH!

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  36. damn! i can´t take my eyes off of that bag!!!!! just beautifuk! youmade me laugh with that list. there´s variety there! peace

  37. Cool outfit!

  38. Those shirts are AMAZING! Sheer animal print is just about as good as it gets.

    I hair serious hair ADD too, addicts unite ;)

  39. The mixed prints are just so perfect together.

  40. ha ha!
    Here is a creepy one that showed up in my analytics:
    "quis nunc te adibit? cui uideberis bella? quem nunc amabis? cuius esse diceris? quem basiabis? cui labella mordebis?"

    which is an excerpt from a Gaius Valerius Catullus poem which translates to:
    who will come to you now? To whom will you seem beautiful?
    whom will you love now? Whose will you be said to be?
    whom will you kiss? Whose lips will you bite?

    Love your photos btw!
    would love for you to model some of my pieces for me!

  41. bahaha I havnt had any weirdo ones yet but I cant wait, that shit is funny.
    seriously diggin this outfit, especially the D.A.R.E singlet xx

  42. SUPER COOL BLOUSE! You must really love leopard print! That's so awesome.

  43. HA! So good! Mine do not even compare to that... Hilarious

    Looking fab as always x