Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 thrifted sweater, thrifted snake blouse, uo boots, f21 leggings

So here's the deal. The not so awesome deal. Tomorrow it will snow. SNOW. Today it was 70 degrees. So here I am, bundled up and ready to go. I was actually kind of shocked to find this over-sized cardigan so easily, as I was hoping for something just like it when I decided to venture out thrifting. Rarely do I find what I went for, but in this case luck was on my side. Two dollars worth of warm baggy glory. 
I realize I talk about the weather frequently on this blog. It's been stated that weather out here is generally viewed as a problem most days of the year. Unlike certain parts of the country, Nebraska has the most bi-polar mood swing weather ever. A "beautiful" day where the sun is out but it is not swim-in-air humid and there is no wind is incredibly rare. You never really know when to put away your summer clothes though, because after a -10 degree ice storm one day, we could have a 60 degree sunshine filled day the next. With this said, I will probably be blogging slightly less than I am now, as the weather will probably not permit. Unless I want to continue doing indoor shots, I will be too cold and not wearing anything worth shooting, because let's face it - arctic wind and snow clothing is not cute. Blegh. But! I will be taking a very necessary and exciting long vacation during the brunt of Winter, so look forward to that. I am.

A lot of you have mentioned liking velvet. If you love wearing velvet half as much as I do, you should definitely check out Larissas store Miracle Eye where this girl sells lots of it, and for really good prices. On top of the velvet, these shorts are da bommmmb. If you don't live in Frigid, USA...you can rock them all year. And if you do reside in Frigid, this jacket is also super rad. Yay for teenage girls with independent businesses! Read her 'About' section in the store, if you get a chance.

Last but not least, here is the only Halloween photo I have that is not just some drunken blurry shot of my face. As I've said before, Chrissa gets told all the time that she looks like Lady Gaga, so she decided to go with this for her costume. I did her face makeup all with black eyeliner and a lipstick brush to blend for shadows. I went as a no-name goth chick.


  1. ahh! I love your and Chrissa's costumes! I really like your new sweater, and it goes super well with the velvet leggings! I cannot get enough of Larissa's store.. Miracle Eye is completely wonderful and is so reasonably priced!! ahh <3 Oh and also, I really like your boots.

  2. love this look, i need to break out my velvet leggings too.
    that gaga make up is sick! good job!

    †Miss M†

  3. I love this those leggings are tha bombbb.


  4. yeah the velvet pants are INCREDIBLE! definitely checking out the store. y'alls costumes are great!


  5. i'm kind of obsessed with those velvet leggings. those are pretty much unbelievably amazing. ur costumes are awesome!


  6. Great outfit. I love slouchy old man sweaters. As a matter of fact I'm wearing one right now! Love your style: perfect mixture of vintage and edgy.
    Thanks for dropping by :)


  7. i love your ring and the dreamcatcher with the cow skull, and i love your leggings! i love velvet so much, but it gets so hot here in summer! whyyy?

    your halloween costume is cool, and I love your friend's makeup! It is so freaky! pretty sure it's better than Gaga's was!


  8. i love the sweater! and your halloween costume ;)

  9. great photos, and OMG i love both of the halloween outfits.. great job!

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come back soon!

  10. I love the velvet leggins. In the last picture you remind me a bit of Nana, the anime character

  11. OMG she does look like Lady Gaga! You guys look great. And I love velvet leggings.

  12. Ugh, I adore Miracle Eye's clothes, but all of the bottoms and legwear are too big for me in the waist by like, two and a half inches. I suppose I could buy something and take them in, as per usual. (Though it does get tiring after a while, I guess gaining more hand-sewing experience is something I shouldn't complain about. Besides, when can I resist snake print leggings?)

    I am HURTING for a pair of velvet pants. I think it's now a priority for me, after seeing Madeline wear some, and now you!

    Also, once again, you look rad as a goth chick.

  13. Cuteee, I need to get me some velvet leggings!
    Your Halloween costumes are awesome <3

  14. Aw love the way you dressed up!! amazing sweater!! you've done a pretty good job with your blog!!
    wanna follow each other?


  15. i LOVE your rendition of "goth chick". i'd totally wear that out on the town.

    xxx theSIREN

  16. Nice halloween customes!!!
    kisses from Spain!

  17. everything is perfect I mean those first pics ooooh I love it! Just so profesional outfit

  18. That's what I love about thrifting, sometimes it just goes amazingly! PS, your weather sounds officially crazy. 70 and then snow = bipolar indeed!

  19. Loving the Halloween photo, you did a fab job on your friends makeup ! Can't live without velvet, awesome leggings. I know what you mean about the weather. I used to live in a country where it rained&snowed practically 85% of the time. Horrid. Sorry to hear about your weather woes&sad that you wont be posting as much. courage kitten ! xo

  20. love the halloween photo!!!


  21. your costumes were amazing! that make up is ridicc.
    i'm loving your velvet leggings, i'm hoping to see a pair at FE21 next time i go! it sucks that your weather is so scarily bipolar. the bay isn't even that bad!

    xx maggie

  22. WANT. YOUR. WARDROBE. WYW. New expression that defines what I think of you.

  23. I love your costumes!
    great blog *-*/

  24. geez, i love everything you wear here from head to toe.. especially your boots :D you look really amazing dear! and i love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and I’ll follow you back :)


  25. great look! love your sweater!

  26. amazing sweater and that are just the pérfect leggings!

  27. The sweater is so awesome, I love the colour :)

    - Sydney xo