Thursday, December 29, 2011


net top c/o movement 33 vintage, boots from ebay, gypsy necklace from euphoria, thrifted tank, bangs courtesy of myself using nail scissors/impatience

If you didn't notice in the last post, I now have this weird face framing bang thing going on. When I wear my glasses I feel like Garth from Wayne's World. I guess that is acceptable. These photos were taken the other day when I was caught in the sea and morphed into a human. I dig this net top from Movement 33 Vintage. It's super random and crazy and makes me feel like a mermaid. Random and not making a ton of sense makes the most sense in my wardrobe. I'm all over the board. 

3 things:
1. Make sure to enter my jewelry GIVEAWAY here.
2. I got the medical note for a dog as talked about in a previous post. (Hehe.) (Hooray!)
3. Listen to this song!



  1. I love this!!! I purchased some net fabric a few months ago for my mom to make me a tank from it but she keeps on procrastinating :( I need to remind her to make it for me already before the damn year ends, but I think that it's more important for her to continue fulfilling Miracle Eye orders.

    but still.. I want my net top mom.

  2. your amazing. everything about you style is so unique and edgy...i'm jealous! love it

    xoxo katlin

  3. absolutely love your boots and that necklace i fantastic. Love your shredded outfit!

  4. That top is glorious, I want it! You've inspired me to make something similar, but god knows how!
    You look fabulous and sending you loads of love for a Happy 2012! x

  5. Oh my god you look amazing! :D

  6. I'm totally digging the mermaid vibe and your breast plate for lack of a better term


  7. love your necklace!

  8. I completely heart this... I'm so obsessed with mesh blouses lately- I think they look so good. Plus, this one's mermaid vibes just make it awesome. Also, you're really rocking that hair.. bangs and glasses together: totally bamf.

  9. ahh! yayy! you look amazing, as usual. gwah. you are the best. ever. seriously I cannot get enough of you. I love your new hair, I love your old hair, I love your net top, I love your cut up tights, and your big lace up boots. I love you.

  10. I'm so in love with your blog- i have followed now please check mine out?
    Your styles so glamorous yet individual- keep it up!

  11. Your top is awesome you are totally rocking this look and you always have the most amazing jewllery that necklace is gorgeous Happy New Year chick xoxo

  12. You're super stunning!! Thanks for the comment. My blog is an infant and I'm dying to get back home so I can post more!

    xx Jacqueline From Da Block

  13. OMG!! you're so cool!!
    Loves your gypsy.

  14. wow amazing look!!

  15. great outfit! i really really love the necklace! :)


  16. have you done a post with some clothing that's colorful and pops out ? happy new year !

  17. just wondering how you snap your photos? is it of yourself or by someone? im always alone and have so many outfits id love to post, but never can get a good shot of my whole body with my camera. is it a certain lense you use ?
    hence..i am a new blogger and trying to just do a diary of my life.....we will see how it turns out...

    peace and love

  18. oh, and by the way. awesome fit.