Friday, February 10, 2012


Just a few snapshots from the last 2 weeks of my month vacation. So much going on right now. I finally got a dog who takes up a ton of my time along with an unbelievable amount of things to catch up on and do now that I am back in Snowville (Miserableville, rather). I will be back to outfit posting as soon as I get over this sadness of being back and get things more situated around here. Life, man. I want to be back on the beach. 

It's weird not being on the internet during my "free" time. All I want to do is sleep. The snow and ice encourages me to do absolutely nothing. 

I wish I had photographed more, but my 2012 January vacation spots are as follows: 

Vail, CO
Reno and all over Nevada
Arches National Park
Moab National Park
All over Utah
New Mexico
Sedona, AZ (Best city EVER.)
Amarillo, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Wichita, KS
Irvine, CA
Laguna Beach, CA
Huntington Beach, CA
Orange, CA
Newport Beach, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
Los Angeles, CA
West Hollywood, CA
San Francisco, CA
Vallejo, CA
....and I can't recall the rest, as I am exhausted and Sticky wants to go to bed.





  1. wow beautiful, I would love to visit all these places... Very interesting!
    Oh I really loving the pants you are wearing on your second outfit =)

  2. ohh my gosssh caseyyy! your trip looks amazing. I am so jealous of you. and your dog! oh my goshh. I cant handle these photos.. I keep going back through them ahhhgghh so pretty. I cant even imagine having to go back to snowy wintery yuck from that!! :(

  3. Ahhh so jealous! This looks like the best trip ever. The photos are gorgeous too! They make me long for warm weather and beautiful landscapes even more than I already was.

  4. sounds like an amazing vacation. love your lumbercheck jacket and your b/w skinnies. xx

  5. Awesome photos!
    Love those rings, that pug and skaterboys ofc haha :--D
    Great post, sounds like you guys had fun :-)

  6. Wonderful photos. Made me want to go to the South West.

  7. I love love love this post, the pictures especially of the landscapes are amazing! It's really snowy and icy over here in England too, wish I could have taken a month off like you!

  8. Beautiful photos & congrats on the new pup! I'm also in the Midwest and know the winter blues all too well.

  9. Beautiful photos & congrats on the new pup! I'm also in the Midwest and know the winter blues all too well.

  10. Welcome back! That scenery (and you) look awesome. I've missed you. xxx

  11. Amazing pics California rocks so many awesome places to see. Looks like you had a fab time and did so much xoxo

  12. Looks like an amazing time! Gorgeous scenery, and I'm pretty jealous of that moon necklace + damask pants.

  13. love the photos <3 i'm awfully jealous.

  14. Love the vacation photos! I'm glad that you'll be regularly posting again soon!

  15. i love california, i love the photos, and i looooooooove your dog.

  16. These pics are incredible!! Makes me want to go on a trip somewhere. So badly.
    Love your print jeans/pants btw
    x x x


  17. Your trip sounds amazing. I love the pictures in the grand canyon, absolutely stunning.


  18. suuper lovely pictures!! and ur style is amazing!
    (wich camera did u use for this pictures, love the color)


  19. these pictures are amazing!

  20. i heart the way you dress! and that pub with all those bras... so cool and grunge, it rocks

  21. Gorgeous photos!! Makes me desperately wanna take a trip like this myself...<3