Monday, March 12, 2012


entire outfit thrifted and diy except for jewelry from ebay, my salvation, unearthen

I would say about half of my clothing is altered in one way or another. While thrifting in Orange County I found these snake print pants which I cut into shorts and this striped top that had a hole which inevitably resulted in me violently snagging the crap out of the rest of it. One of the thrift stores out here had a ton of denim jackets, so naturally I bought one FOR A DOLLAR and cut the sleeves off. The boots were found at the same thrift store that day. The good thing about the midwest is that hardly anyone shares my taste in clothing so I have a plethora of things to choose from when thrifting. Nothing is too picked over and everyone is just now getting rid of their 90s clothing and everything else rad. Hooray for me. 

Another hooray is this:

Since I am borderline obsessed with hot weather, this makes my heart flutter and my mouth salivate. BOOYA, WINTER. Good thing I cut up that denim jacket since I won't be needing jackets anymore!

Here are a few of my favorite denim vests that I have bookmarked and favorited over time. Click on the photo to be linked to the item.

I think I'll hustle all the rest of the jackets, cut off the sleeves, and sew/rip/bleach away. 



  1. this is pretty much the best outfit ever. and that necklace looks like some sort of deep sea arrow/spear awesomeness. i'm all about it

  2. Everything is gorgeous. I like the neckpiece and the shorts! :)

  3. Such a fan of the first jacket... needs to warm up in the UK however before I can start going without sleeves,ha!!

  4. absolutely fucking gorgeous! Can you show how you did with the shirt..pleeeease?

  5. Those snakeskin shorts are SUH-WEET, as well as that sweater. It looks awfully comfy.

    We're just barely getting into 60 degree weather here, but we're getting a few days where it spikes up into the 70s. I am delirious with joy. I wore shorts yesterday! SHORTS IN NEW ENGLAND. I forgot this could happen.

  6. Love the snakeskin shorts miss. Fly demin too!

    NYC is getting hit with mid 60s weather, so I cannot complain. Says the girl in tie dye and zig zag leggings (post to come!)

    xx Jacqueline

  7. Love the denim jacket!! So badass :)

  8. Holy Crap those boots are the height of wonderful.

  9. UGHH. love all that denim.