Monday, March 5, 2012


 thrifted flannel and diy shorts, etsy snake boots, jacket c/o, f21 top, my little fish eye studded friendship bracelet, euphoria necklace

I wish I could wear these boots for an entire day without my feet hurting. They are a little on the snug side, but they are such awesome kicks that I hardly care. Perfectly comfortable boots aren't that easy to come by and I have found that the more expensive the boot, the more comfortable they aren't necessarily. Some of my JC shoes are the least good-feeling of them all. They look rad, but holy chit. Ouch. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!! I am looking forward to tanks and shorts ALL DAY EVERY DAY. 

THIS SONG PUMPS ME UP. Makes me want to wear every snake print item I own and go road tripping through the desert again.



  1. Those boots are awesome. Ugh these photos make me long for warmer days!!

  2. What the hell? THIS IS SO PERFECT

  3. To be honest, my tapestry Litas aren't very comfortable, but my black Stevies? Holy shit I have walked around in them for nine hours plus, and didn't have A SINGLE ISSUE. Thing is, I'm pretty sure they're just Litas, but the ankle is higher, so I don't know what makes them different.

    Also I think it's just because I'm really tired right now, but when I saw that first photo and my eyes settled on the holes in your tights, I didn't even know you were wearing tights, so I just thought the top layer of your skin had these really alarming holes in it. I noticed the actual pattern in them, after like, three agonizingly-long seconds of 'OH MY GOD THERE'S HOLES IN HER LEGS OH GOD IS SHE ALL RIGHT?' Derp.

  4. Those boots are so fabulous I'd be tempted to chop off my toes to fit 'em. x

  5. So pretty! Seriously..loving this look!! Love the leo belt!

    PS. We've a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC!


  6. I used to buy vintage boots regardless of their size, if i liked them. squeezing size 8 feet into size 5 shoes: perhaps one of my worst decisions of all time.and those snake print babies are unreal. wonderful.

  7. nothing more annoying than a pair of amazing shoes that hurt frustrates the hell out of me loving this look and the mixing up of animal prints your style rocks xoxo

  8. lovelovelove. you just reminded me of a pair of snakeskin boots from tunnel vision that i want! augh!

  9. I stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did.
    You have such an amazing sense of style. I love all your outfits!
    I'm a new follower :)

  10. wow, love the shorts, the boots, the jacket, EVERYTHING !!!!! and i wish it was summer here too....

  11. nice combinations of prints and colors! i really like your fashion style. I'm following you:)