Sunday, April 22, 2012


 peace sign halter from bodhi imports, thrifted indian top, jeffrey campbell boots, thrifted bag, random jewelry from ebay & bodhi imports & euphoria, dynasty chime necklace c/o enrah, pyramid quartz ring c/o rejoice the hands

This is what my world looks like 5 minutes out of the city in early Spring. Dead. So beautiful, right? I thought I would spruce things up by wearing this bright orange top that I would later discover had spent the day dying my arms an obnoxious pumpkin color. That night I was dealing with some weird chest pains that really scared me, and then I looked in the mirror to find that I had developed what looked to be some off-brand Jaundice. Freaking out at my friend, my brain slowly pieced the puzzle together and remembered that I had been wearing this orange top, and I was able to calm down. So, I have a new self tanner from India. Pretty hyped on that. And everyone else is pretty hyped on the fact that they can check their hair and make sure nothing is stuck between their teeth, by looking at any of the 98749324 round mirrors sewn into the fabric. Win win, right?

I'm sporting different parts of the world with this outfit. We've got the top from India, the southwestern styled Bible bag, the abalone rings from the sea, the Middle Eastern evil eye bracelet, and the dynasty necklace from China. Okay, not from China. From a lovely gal named Enrah who resides in my neighboring state, Colorado. On top of this awesome dangly chime necklace, she makes jewelry inspired by things that I love, including Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Super Mario. On the jewelry note, I need more storage for my necklaces. More wall thingies to hang them on. My jewelry collection is majorly out of control and I'm starting to feel agreeably claustrophobic. I've got some driftwood that I collected in Yosemite and plan on maybe painting and putting tiny hooks onto. I would like more organic outdoorsy-inspired necklace hangers, so I think it will be rad. Any other ideas? I need help. I need jewelry rehab.

A song to leave you with.



  1. Weird that it dyed your arms orange O.o I looooove the outfit though, especially that bag!

  2. love the accessories

  3. Your use of colour is amazing. The halter, the top, the bag...*sigh*

  4. Everything about this is gorgeous! Also, loving your hair.


  5. Most Indian tops are dyed using vegetable dyes. I guess that is why the colour ran. Amazing outfit nevertheless :)

  6. i love the mix of prints and colours..gorgeous!