Monday, May 7, 2012


velvet tie-dye shorts from micksmakings,  halter top and aviators c/o american deadstock, boots from asos, blouse c/o gypsy warrior, spike friendship ring c/o my little fisheye, bag from etsy, under the pyramids triangle necklace, afghan necklace from ebay, thrifted belt and violet shirt

Allow me to inelegantly hold my bangs to the side as the wind steadily pummels my face with MAGNIFICENT FORCE. Does 26 mph wind constitute the entire day as a mild tornado? No? Balderdash! But really, I have been too distracted by these velvet tie-dye shorts to truly care about wind. How freaking good are these? Like, what? I got them from micksmakings - a store full of great spandex-y hot pants and leotards for great prices. These shorts are only 16 bones. Perf. I now say 'perf' instead of perfect. The Regina George in me has been released. Perf will catch on, you'll see.

As you all know, I battle a lot of things ranging from Anemia to Tinnitus to fabric-dyed orange skin. Poor me. To make matters worse, I also have a troublesome ongoing battle in my head with my attachment to decades. Since I love absolutes, being unable to decide which era of fashion I adore most is more upsetting than this constant ringing in my left ear. I kid. (and my health issues are rather lame, too!). I do find myself arguing with...myself... over and over when I think I want to solidify this "image" of...myself. Do I want to pay tribute to the late 60s/early 70s? Or would I rather show my gratitude for the 1990s? I love the tie dye and fringe and psychedelic prints of the late 60s. But what about the flannel and gothic mesh and conch shells of the 90s? The hot pants and maxis of the early 70s make me happy, as well as the combat boots and batik print in the 90s. In a battle where there can be no winners, WHO. WILL. WIN?!


Wait a second. I remember wearing "flower power" inspired tops in the 90s. I remember wearing tie dye and long maxi skirts. And weren't the high-waisted shorts just an acid-washed mirror of the high-waisted pants in the 70s? What about the fringe on motorcycle jackets? In the 1990s, not only did I rock the typical grunge-goth look, but I also dipped into the 60s style of clothing that came back in the 90s. That's right, folks. In the 90s we dressed like the our current decade AND the 60s. Well, I suppose we have a winner. Congrats, 1990s! *confetti!* You succeeded in making your own rad fashion statements as well as recycling the best trends from earlier decades. *more confetti!* 

Your prize is a freaking great song from the 90s!


I really wanted to put this song up, but it missed the 90s by one year. I will put it up anyway, as tribute to the amazing almost-90s.



  1. Those shorts are killer! I have issues with picking a decade for my style as well. 90s usually wins for me, too. I just love the it so much

  2. funny... i couldn't play the first song... so i got to read your post while listening to one of my favorite almost 90s songs haha

    love it all. you find some of the best etsy shiz... those shorts are killer... i can't believe her shop is soooo affordable... i'll prolly be hitting that up soon :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA I have that exact same argument with myself everyday when I get dressed in the morning! LOVE this look. Literally dying over your shorts right now.


  4. I CAN DIG IT! I have love for those tie-dye shorts, but my heart is truly stolen by the blouse. Best wardrobe!

  5. loving your tie dye so hard!

  6. So much going on but I love it. Mixing era's is great creates such an interesting look.


  7. Those shorts are freaking fabulous on you especially teamed with the clashing colours and prints. I shall love you forever after sharing that Pixies track. x

  8. clashing is oh so lovely!
    this combination is acid on acid and i love a double dose.
    you are hot.

  9. Love how you layered and clashed the whole outfit.. And that blouse is perf haha! Xx

  10. girl! that blouse is incredible! i'm obsessed with the skulls and personally, i think you rock any and all decades present here. but really, that skull blouse...


  11. Ah I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I have been able to see yours! It's amazing, you have ridiculously good style girl!
    Now following
    Hannah x

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog and left me a sweet comment =)

    I like your boots! They're cool!

  13. All different colors and prints but you make them work! You go, girl! :)

  14. love all the print and colors in this outfit! You have excellent taste and I am deifnitely following on GFC and bloglovin.. hope you can follow too if you like mine :)

  15. I CAN DIG IT. Obsessed with your style.

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  17. your bold mixed prints are why I love following you; you're so much braver than I!

    XO Sahra

  18. omg omg omg omg omg omg two things i am obsessed with. TIEDYE and VELVET!
    Love the shorts! and I know you commented on the shirt my dad DIYed and I actually have been hassled by him to start making them since he sees how many girls love the shirt. I thought maybe If i made a couple I could make one of you, jean greige, brit from disarming, and sea from lightsdrivemysoul, because I think all of you girls would absolutely dig it. My dad bought me the paint and screen print for mothers day hahah. ill probably have the t shirts available after summer. Id love for you to have one to wear with these shorts. My imagination is overflowing with ideas!!!!!!!!! xx :) emi

  19. oops that comment was from me, loverainbownectar :)