Wednesday, June 6, 2012


shorts c/o one half wolf, top from store in south dakota, jeffrey campbell boots, thrifted belt and bag

Upcycled and handmade by a mother and daughter, the shorts created by One Half Wolf are right up my alley. Get a load of these:

I have a blanket with the same pattern as the second pair. I'd like to wear this blanket. They read my mind and transformed a similar blanket into shorts. SHORTS. My obsession. Blanket shorts forever! 

Normally I wouldn't clash colors and patterns like this but,...WHO AM I KIDDING, of course I would do that. This is only half mismatched, though, as my hair does the rest of the work to have this outfit "make sense" in any way. 

Sometimes I wonder about my reasoning and place in the world of personal style blogging, and I start to feel like maybe I'm just some sort of vanity-obsessed female who spends too much money on clothing. But then I look through my posts at my unbrushed hair and unprofessional photos, wearing mostly secondhand clothing, and I remember that my purpose has nothing to do with being ostentatious. After reading Eckhart Tolle's "The Power Of Now", and spending the last month trying to rid my mind of any sort of ego, positive or negative, I contemplated stopping this blog. I probably would stop if I didn't feel like I could help anyone by having this ol' thing. Over the past year, I've been able to spotlight small businesses through etsy, and I think that's a wonderful thing to be able to do. On top of that, I hope to inspire women to dress how they feel inside, regardless of their age. Often people tell me they can't believe the fact that I am 27 years old. "You don't dress like it!", they will state. Is there some sort of cut off age when you have to begin dressing different than you feel? People are too quick to say that they "could never pull that off at their age", and that's a bummer. I'm here to help stomp that social norm deep into the ground, particularly midwestern people who feel like they are supposed to be 'boring'. I've got a soft spot for my midwesties. It's a lot tougher to not settle into a cookie cutter traditional world out here, but my hope is that more and more people can overcome that pressure and live their lives the way they would prefer. Lastly, I'd like to help Brit with her animal blogging community idea. I love that she wants to use her blog as a platform to teach and motivate bloggers to become active in animal rights and rescuing. Hopefully that will come into action and the entire blogging community can take part if they are passionate! 

Ideas, ideas.



  1. Those are awesome shorts :D
    I'm glad you didn't decide to stop blogging, I would seriously miss your posts. I hope I'm still rocking awesome clothes like you when I'm 27, haha xD And when I'm 80 :D

  2. you are awesome. and you definitely inspire me :) love the blanky shorts too xo

  3. 'I'm here to help stomp that social norm deep into the ground'

    I love you Casey. I hope to dress at least half as awesome as you when I'm 27. I agree with you too on that last part -- Brit's idea sounds fantastic and I would love to do whatever I can to help.

    Also, wtf. That shirt, yo hurr, THOSE SHORTS. God, stop being so cool!!!!!!! Leave some room for the rest of us!!

    I just noticed it oh god *dies*

  5. love love love all the shorts
    love the patterns and colors
    cute cute cute

    talk about to die for. so amazing

    xo kaitlin

  7. LOVE everything about this look
    I love how you mixed the colors
    and the woven shorts are sick
    I totally want a pair! your style is amazing

  8. You are wise beyond your years miss. I live in CO and I can TOTALLY relate to you. I am also thirty and a mother and get the same impressions from people. I'm like "this is me. I like how I dress. You can dress however you want, why can't I?" Anyway, in a word--go girl (ok two words).

    I love your shorts. The other ones that you showcase are also very cute!

  9. I really love Kingdom of Style's Michelle because she just turned 39 and has badass personal style. She wears what she wants and looks fabulous! I also agree with your sentiments about being who you are and true to yourself regardless of your age. Who gets to say what is appropriate for a 27 year old, 40 year old, 60 year old woman to wear? Why do people just go with the pack and not bother to think for themselves? I love your blog & you have a fantastic style that is all your own.

  10. Awesome post, really liked the end. You are definitely an inspiration!

  11. Love this post :) Some people have a very closed mind when it comes to fashion and it annoys me that age is always relevant within this industry. The thing is this will never change so I'm glad you rock it how you want to and don't care of anything other.

  12. I like the whole supporting animal rights blogging idea, I think its awesome that we can have this outlet to not only show how funky we get down wit it when it comes to attire, but to also show our other interests, "hey ! we dont just clothe ourselves..we think too !" har har har.

    Im in love with those shorts, like Im about to dive into the internet and rip them off your body, they're too sweet for words.

  13. Yes to it all. We can't let society tell us what is and is not appropriate for us to wear. They are for expressing our inner selves, not our age. Dress your age, whatever that means.

  14. amen, sister. seriously though, i think that blogging creates a new arena for women (heck, EVERYONE) to connect and create a discourse on REAL issues that matter. it is so easy(for me) to succumb to daily societal pressures, of not fitting in or feeling like you can't make a difference. whatever. it has become necessary to find new avenues. this is totally one of them, and you ARE making a difference to someone. i don't know what life would be like in a cookie cutter. i don't think i would survive. anyways, ramble alert. you rock!

    1. P.S. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the blankie shorts. omg.

  15. I would be sad if you quit blogging.

  16. You sound pretty wise for your 27 years. Thanks for letting me know not all 20 somethings are trying to be like someone else. I love this outfit and have enjoyed looking at some of your previous posts. I'm over 40 and wear whatever makes me feel foxy...yeah!!!

  17. You really inspire me! To just dress the way I want to :)

    The shark necklace is totally amazing.

  18. amazing outfit! the shirt is sooo cool! xx

  19. Those shorts are so freaking fierce you whole outfit is awesome.

    I hate that age is suppose to pay a part in how you dress I think you should dress in what makes you happy I actually got an anon comment the other day saying I was too old to wear the skirt I was wearing in my post I think age is just a state of mind I am not going to tell you how old I am tho ;) xx

  20. First, those shorts are so freaking fun. I can't get over it. I'm definitely bookmarking their store. Cool stuff right there.

    Second, I applaud your last paragraph. Being from the Midwest, I know just how difficult it can be to embrace your inner self. But it's always a great feeling to walk around dressed how I want without worrying about fitting into the mold of the stereotypical Midwest. I want other people to feel that too, so seeing a blog like yours is fantastic. Glad you're going to keep posting. I'll definitely keep reading!