Thursday, September 20, 2012


vintage tank - shorts from uo - thrifted boots, belt and bag - eagle necklace from little shop in the badlands, random jewelry from flea markets and thrifted

Here we have my poop picker-upper/day at Home Depot outfit. With 4 dogs, the amount of crap in the backyard every week is seemingly endless. On a normal weekday, you can catch me outside dancing along to the neighbors mariachi music while wearing disposable gloves throwing turds into a plastic bag. 

If you are in LA county you NEED to go to Arcadia to a little packed store named "Thrift B.S." First off, what a great name, yeah? Second, I got this stuff:

I had such a hard time choosing what to buy because there was SO MUCH. From crystals to eastern jewelry to seashells and giant Buddhas, it seriously could not be a better find. Go there right meow! And buy me stuff.



  1. Your dogs are so cute! I wish we had flea markets like that in England! I also love your boots and bag :) xx

  2. DUDE I'm totally gonna head over there when I'm in LA. I need junk fo' my room! And you look super awesome and like so do those dogs omg those dogs are adorable.

  3. Love the outfit, you always put together the best pieces!

    xx lauren

  4. love that song!!!!! soul mates some?!?

    i'm so going to that thrift tomorrow! i would go today but they close in an hour! thanks for the head up you gorgeous dessert goddess xoxox

  5. That bag is amazing! I also really like that top! You look great in red

    Soi Eight Recycling


  6. you are amazing.
    i want to go to that store. right now. ahhhhh.

  7. I absolutely love the shorts/boots combo. your style is so rad.

    <3 Melissa

  8. OMG I AM GOING TO THAT THRIFT STORE. mad and brit keep talking about it. I will buy things once I move to Ktown and have my own pliiizaaaayyccee.

  9. oh, also, this outfit is perfect.
    and that belt makes me want to poke ya.

  10. in a non sexual way, i just meant like poke where the wholes are.

  11. OMG!! I want that bag!!


  12. those shorts are amazinggg! sucha cool look <3

    XO Sahra

  13. You're so sweet, thanks! <3
    Gosh I just love all your photos :)

  14. I think it is the right time to tell you that I do have a crush on you...

  15. derp i totally asked you like twice where that thrift store was but duh you wrote it on your blog. there is too much good stuff in this post. 1. all the things from the BS thrift store and 2. your foken outfit! like whoa. shirt, BELT!, SHORTS!!! ahhhh. and ok, i'm a'comin up again real soon. like...maybe right now.