Tuesday, October 2, 2012


top from american vintage, thrifted shorts and boots, belt c/o bermuda triangle, bag c/o lucky vintage seattle, necklace c/o my salvation

This top reminds me of a morning in the early 90s waking up at my aunts house as the sun was rising. I remember squinting past the dusty blinds at a sponge-painted photo of an abstract multi-colored pastel sunset thinking, "I want to live in that picture." I stared at it until she groggily woke up to bring me cereal, and the image hasn't left my mind since. Almost 20 years later, I have little time to sit and watch the sun rise, sleepovers are rare, but the tribute to the painting inadvertently exists on this top. 
I finally live in that photo.



  1. woah. that top IS really intense. like. woooaaah. yo' writing in this post is nice :)

  2. Love this outfit. That top is rad and takes me back as well.

    xx lauren

  3. this is such a cute mix of patterns and colors and edginess and playfulness! and I seriously love your belt and bag...

  4. such a lovely text to accompany your RAD outfit!
    (love the ass pic, btw ;)) xx

  5. that shirt and that story. so good.

  6. i keep coming back to this post... it's just such a lovely story :)
    i love sensuous memories like that. i sometimes think i associate too much with scents and textiles and aesthetic tangible things, but i suppose i just think sensually.

    love all these textures, your photos are consistently so terribly lovely!
    thanks ducks. <3