Tuesday, December 18, 2012


entire outfit from goodwill minus the jewelry

As you may have noticed, I score a good number, okay...the majority of my clothing at thrift stores. People often tell me that they have trouble at second hand shops and they don't know how to properly thrift for things they like. They end up going to malls and department stores only to spend more money than they'd like, as I continue to spend frugally resulting in a load of clothing I am in love with.

For all of you pessimistic thrift dreamers I have compiled a short list of my top 10 tips for thrifting. If you have more to add to my tabulation, feel free to spill some insight!

Casey's top 10 tips for successful thrifting!

1. Dedicate an afternoon/evening to thrifting. I tend to get bizarrly hungry and my bladder refuses to work the moment I enter a thrift store - SO, after you eat and pee, map out 2 or 3 locations within 15 miles of each other. If you don't have much luck at one store, one of the next two will conceivably be more promising.

2. Try searching in less trendy areas of town. Trendy cool-kid folks go thrifting often, so likely they've already picked through all the good stuff...but on that note,
3. Go often! People bring donations daily; though you may not find something today, tomorrow that store may be a goldmine. I generally make weekly trips to thrift stores.

4. Expect to sift. I don't find anything by not looking. Go through every rack, starting with the things that weigh the least. T-shirts first, then long sleeves, skirts and dresses, jackets, and finally shoes and bags. Unless you have a cart, the less weight you have to carry, the better.

5. If you love a find, but it doesn't quite fit right - alter it! Rip that shiz up. Spice up a boring jacket with some iron-on patches. The sleeves are too long? Cut them off! Love the skirt but hate that it's a maxi? Tie the front in a knot or reconstruct it to have a fishtail brink.

6. If you find a very expensive brand for less than $10, buy it. Sell it to a buy or trade clothing store like Crossroads Trading Co, Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, or Black Market. Spend some dough to make some dough.
7. Try things on. If you're not planning on reselling or reconstructing, make sure you love it. You don't want to clutter your closet with things you'll never wear. Some things fit weird. Some things have stains that you would only notice in the dressing room. Some belts are just one hole too small.

8. Know when sale days are. $3 is better than $6, even if $6 is good. Goodwill often has monthly calenders that you can take showing their discount days. And if you don't know when you walk in, ask! Usually some area of the store is on sale.

9. Look at the fabric section; this goes along with #5. Liked the jeans but hate the boring pockets? Walk to the fabric area and pick out something you can cut and sew onto those pockets. Win win.

10. Looking for vintage? Before you head out, read THIS to learn how to determine if your thrift store finds are actually vintage or not.
BONUS*11. Listen to this song on the way and get pumped up to find some kick-ass psychedelic patterned gems:



  1. I love your boots, such great style :) xx

  2. I love this guide! I love finding treasures in charity shops and this is perfect for anyone new to it. I get such a thrill browsing the rails and finding new things


  3. I love going thrifting, these are great tips. The top I'm wearing in my latest outfit post was from Goodwill and I upcycled it. You can come away with great pieces that noone else will have :)


  4. wow this dress is absolutely amazing!

  5. UH i think the correct title for this post is "HOW TO BE AWESOME, CASEY STYLE" because you are awesome?? THOSE BOOTS. *dies*

  6. yes this is sooooooo perfect!!! the only other thing i tell newbies is to dress comfortably and don't be afraid to get dirty! for serious i lovveee this outfit just everything going on is just super rad!

  7. this is so 90's clueless but not cher clueless just clueless background fashion which it's like the best thing ever