Saturday, January 12, 2013

◢◢ 50 SHADES OF RED ◣◣

thrifted boots, super awesome fun time vintage dress, jacket - gift from madi, llama backpack - gift from boyfriend

I keep getting questions about my hair. Yes, the pink really is the result of spotting a Sharpie on a table, looking in the mirror, glancing back at the Sharpie, and then without thought - coloring my hair using it. It surprisingly hasn't faded much. Like, at all.
Back in junior high I remember tediously coloring my entire head with a green crayola marker only to have gym class that day where beads of emerald sweat soaked my white shirt and dyed my face. Great decision, right? I will say, this whole Sharpie business does NOT stain anything (but the obvious).
 I've clearly had a few epiphanies since middle school and more intelligently am now coloring my hair using the smarter, more grown-up choice, 

permanent marker.



  1. Yo, I've been having a good time looking through your blog. I'm for sure a follower now.

  2. love everything about this outfit, you look amazing! xx

  3. OMG I LOVE YOU. I used to try to do that whole sharpie thing with my hair, it was a FAIL. so I stuck to doing my nails with them.!!!

    <3 head to toe amazing as always. Sick fucking dress.


  4. Your fucking wardrobe, I swear. The best. P.S. who is that band? I totally dig it