Saturday, May 18, 2013


soundwave bracelet c/o the frequencitunnel vision shorts, thrifted top and boots, choker from etsy, vintage purse

Apparently I have a tiger obsession? According to this, this and this, I do, at least. Obviously I had to get these Bad Vibes shorts from Tunnel Vision, DUH. My friends make them and not only are they wonderful (the shorts) (oh, and the people) but they are so barely-there comfortable. BUY THEM.

Though I am inadvertently obsessed with tiger print/cat print, by now you all know how grossly obsessed with dogs I am. So enamored actually, that when The Frequenci contacted me about their soundwave bracelets, I had to get "I love my dogs" as my design. Basically, you record a short saying of your choice on a website like this, send it over to The Frequenci, and they create these bracelets made to replicate the visual soundwave of your voice. How. Freaking. Badass. And cryptic, so everyone thinks you're mysterious and cool and stuff.

Visit The Frequenci HERE.

PS. Those are two of my five dogs hanging out in a couple of these photos. They are probably sniffing baby diapers, because in my neighborhood it's totally acceptable to throw them out on the streets along with shopping carts, toilets, and mattresses. 



  1. You look so cool and rocking in there.
    The shorts is gorgeous.

  2. yaaaasss hahahha ur neighborhoooddd i love itttt and i miss itt and i miss you and i get to see u so fucking soon i cannot wait

  3. awesome shots.. loving the look