Monday, July 15, 2013


 harness top c/o malice, leggings c/o oasap, bag from army surplus, random everything else

Sometimes, you just need to wear a harness bra over your clothing. I love strappy tops/bras/swimsuits, so this harness sent over from Malice has me hyped. More black strap things! More non restrictive boob things! And it's comfy, too.

These leggings? Yeah, I know. I KNOW. THUMBS UP.

In other news, after the 4th of July, our neighbor brought us a tiny malnourished chihuahua "as a gift that he found on the freeway". So there's that.



  1. jeeez, your leggings!!! and your hair color is great!

  2. The leggings made me fall off my chair !! They are beautiful ! xx I also really love your style !

  3. I am obsessed with your style! Sadly, I am well aware I could never pull it off D: But it does look amaazin gon you :)

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  5. Loved the outfit, especially the leggings and the necklace (: