Thursday, October 20, 2011


thrifted most everything except shorts from pixie market, jewelry from flea markets and boutiques and yadda yadda

These were taken inside my place, as we are under a FREEZE WARNING. Kill me now. For those of you that live on the sunny warm coast, can you even imagine what this would be like? Well try, then tack on -30 more degrees, snow, insane wind, and everything covered in ice. Add all of that up and you have the most awful 3-5 months of hell. Screw that, right? Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Leaving. For January. Peace out midwest. I can't deal with this BS you put us through every single miserable year. I feel like an old person, leaving for Arizona in the Winter. Only I think I might be heading to Mexico after I spend some time in my second home, California. 

Anyway, enough complaining. Though sometimes it feels good to complain. Well, obviously, or we wouldn't do it. But occasionally it feels good to be in a bad mood, agree? I don't quite understand it but man, angry moods can be so fun.  

Anyone else find Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad to be strangely (very) attractive? Something about him, jeesh. Not at all my type but holy moly. Here is my type, though. Ignore that weird man in the corner. I assume that was his voice-over.

Evil villain and hot anime dude, Kadaj.

Or Aaron Johnson from Kickass. But he married his 40+ year old director and is having old-hag babies with her. Aaron sucks.

Leto from Children of Dune. Geek? Me?


Duh #2.

James Hot Franco. Master of all trades. School nerd = hot.

I'm feeling less into trendy men, or men in hipster bands (I'm old, over it.)...but Andrew from MGMT is still mmm mmm good.

And Lil Wayne. My Weezy. Forever I will love him and his Rudy Huxtable goofy face.

So I guess this post had absolutely nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with a few of my top looking dudes? Sorry for wasting your time, folks. For my apologies, I leave you with a song.




  1. I like the band American Steel. They had a really good song on a Lookout Freakout comp.

  2. Oh god, James Franco. Not only is he a superb actor, but he is genius. LETO CAN HAVE ME WHENEVA HE PLEASES. I've gone over dis with da boyfriend, and he approves!!!!!!!!! Thank god!

    Stunning as always! I love your red cut up top with that bandeau and blouse all together. Your shorts are way way cool, as your shoes! The purple, crystal-quartz looking bracelet is pure perfection. Can't believe you purchased it at a freakin' flea market.. That looks like some Etsy type of shiz worth a few hundred.. PS, you have incredible eyes and a beautifully shaped face!!!!

  3. I love that we now can class anime as hot! Because he is so hot... i know i know im still going through the 'i find boys with scene emo hair hot!' I can't help it, my bf has the hottest hair ever!

    Im with you on the angry mood thing, sometimes i make myself worse just because its less boring that way!
    I though the UK had the cold bad! Get out of there!! haha

    xxx Jess

  4. cool post! love the light!

    new post on my blog!
    have a wonderful day!

  5. cute shorts.

  6. I really love your outfit photo's! you've got such an amazing style!

  7. Love your shoes and your shorts :)

  8. EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! A freeze advisory??? Nasty! I hate winter! I feel your pain living in Colorado. Fortunately, we have had pretty decent weather thus far, though. I love your shorts girly!

  9. Aaron Johnson's situation is unfair to all girls. But we still have James Franco. I'm fine with that.


  11. jesse pinkman does get more attractive around midseason, season 3. i won't lie. sooo not my type either. that show is addicting...

  12. amazing shorts and once again I love your jewellery!

  13. Great post, love those shorts!

  14. just gotta say. i had a stupid crush on kadaj's brother, lazoo when i first watched advent children. i still giggle whenever i see him :D
    sucks that your weather is taking a turn for the worse! makes me grateful to live on the west coast

    xx maggie

  15. Swoon post. Duh #2, sigh. About your great outfit ! I love those shorts, they're too cute. And i love how you accessorize, that giant amethyst bracelet is making me swoon as well.

  16. yummmy lol those pics def. brightened up my work day :) ps: your shorts are amazing & I love that you thrifted the rest of the outfit!!

  17. Oh yeah, living in place with 4 seasons sucks. No wait. I sometimes think there's only 2 seasons, freaking hot summer and freezing cold winter ;)
    Hey, I could totally go with school nerd if he would look that hot as James Franco...
    Have a spectacular day,


  18. oh meee ohhh myy....james and andrew. no, mostly just james. i think i died a little bit while watching 127 hours. the guy is a chameleon.
    those shorts are so cute! and i always love when your one legged mani steps (or hobbles) into the pics! :-P

  19. Love the shorts, you look beautiful in these pictures :) xx

  20. ughhhh I don't know about anybody else but I thank you immensely for the eye candy! oh and your mannequin is working that poncho


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  22. I'm a total fan of your blog! What's even cooler is that I also get to work with you! RAD