Saturday, October 15, 2011


 cut up thrifted skirt and top, luckyvintage purse, sam edelman shoes, thrifted belt, my salvation ladder necklace, aa crossback bra

I did a fast and terrible job when cutting this skirt. After trying it on, I decided I kind of liked the raw edges where I cut. Until I went outside and had the wind pounding against me, I hadn't thought of this outfit being anything less than a weird pile up of Sahara desert witch doctor in space...but then I realized I just look like a dweeb from The Matrix, or some sort of anime weirdo who idolizes JP from Grandmas Boy. Probably due to the combination of the already-there slit in the back of the skirt, and the black sunglasses that actually belong to Cody. Pictured below is what he was wearing while shooting these photos. A pink shirt with homemade 3D nipples on it. Typical.

Since I have not let this purse off of my shoulder in about, oh, 2 weeks, it's safe to assume I am obsessed with it. I just can't get enough of those little flingy leather pieces. And don't get used to this straight hair business. I hate my hair straight, as it accentuates the the most insane jawline ever found on a female. I just hadn't washed it in a good week or so and instead of being a good hair stylist, I slapped on color with my hands, rinsed out the tips without shampooing, and quickly blow dried it the easiest way possible. So there you have it. Dried crusty hair color on this dirty head.

Since I am infatuated with Etsy, I thought I would share with you a few things from my always expanding "favorites" page on there. Feel free to purchase any of these and send them to me for my upcoming birthday. Or get yourself an early Christmas present and I'll be happy for you.

Those are only a few of very many favorites. Hope you enjoy!



  1. Hello hun, thanks for your lovely comment.I love the name of your blog it's the best. I got my bracelet from a shop called Primark.

    Fab photos and outfit love the bag xx

  2. ahh your skirt looks great! I like everything you are wearing.. I am going to now look at every single item you put up from etsy.

  3. I like the raw edges too. Sweet idea!

  4. i love the skirt, i really want one like that now!

    nipple shirt- ha ha! clever!

  5. that skirt is awesome! the raw edges are wicked

    xx maggie

  6. Not sure about the skirt....but that nipple shirt is fantastic!

  7. how stunning!! love the skirt on you babe!!
    xx milla

  8. Amazing skirt!!

    Fashion Cat

  9. i am so digging the Third Eye body chain!!! i love your shoes! you are so beautiful Casey, i am just in awe.

  10. LOVE all your "favourites".
    Mine are: "3 spike cuff" and "Spiked friendship bracelet". Hahaha... My birthday also is near. I'll tell to my family.


  11. You are an inspiration! I adore that skirt, rough edges and all. x

  12. i'm totally in love with how that skirt looks on you. i love the boots+socks combo you have on too, so brilliant! you look amazing!

  13. I just adore those beautiful shoes of yours, but not moreso than that snakeskin printed top. So freaking perfect.

    And you do not look like a dweeb!

  14. so cool!
    new post on my blog: I'm waiting for u!

  15. Love the skirt and your bag so cool!x

  16. If I told you already, I gotta let you know again that me and my girlfriend Charlotte Cutler (CURL CRAVE) love you!!

    Your blog is so enticing and creative! I hope you're getting the credit you deserve!

    Who takes all of these amazing photos???

    Keep in touch,

  17. You have such unbelievable bombness.
    You're gorgeous, and that diy is killer; I've yet to see a maxi skirt cut like that. LOVElove.

    TE AMO,

  18. The pink t-shirt with 3D nipples! Awesome ! You're also stylish !

  19. this skirt is stunning and i adore the choice of rings. love. I hope you had an amazing weekend, love. Thanks for sharing. I attended a store launch party in Vegas this weekend, love if you'd check out the post. xo

  20. i love the shape of your skirt!! and the whole outfit

  21. love this!!! great look!! :)

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