Monday, October 17, 2011


dress c/o away we vintage , thrifted flannel, my salvation antler necklace, melrose trading jewelry, skull necklace made by me

It really erks me when people are concerned with my eating habits. I eat more than almost any female my age that I know of, and guess what? I then work out. A normal amount. Just because every other 26 year old American woman is overweight does not mean I am anorexic. Just to clear that up. Have you seen my gross buff muscles? Ha. But seriously, this whole old-lady-crippled-foot thing is really harshin' my physical mellow. I can't run, I definitely can't jump, and I can only wear some of my shoes. Ahhhh. Injuries are TERRIBLE when you are into fitness. Especially when you eat like an obese middle aged male. Send good vibes to my feet, will you?

Outfit deets. I wear long dresses about as often as I wear pants, but I fell in love with this dress. I love the zipper down the front, the corset-tied detail on the sides, the slit down the middle, and the print. I of course had to spice up the muted fabric with some neon. And how pissed do I look in these photos? Man, no wonder people always think I am upset or hate them. Look at that face! 

As Jean Greige had posted, Margaret is back!! Freaking finally. No more internet vacations, okay?

PS. Just started a lookbook and so far, so lame. Mine, that is. And seriously? People on there messaging me to ask me to promote their blog/lookbook on my blog? Get out of here.

A pump-up song to leave you with.



  1. it's been a while sexy thang ;) lovin this 90s layered look xoxo

  2. love the dress, girl. witchy meets dreamy looks great. nice accesries and hot spot! best vibes, doll! peace

  3. your blog is so unique.
    i always love that your posts are going to be different.
    thank you

    kaitlin xo

  4. Sorry to hear about your foot, sending good vibes your way ! That skull necklace caught my eye, I likey.

  5. Wow, do i love this outfit! the dress, the necklaces and the hairclips, especially! but it is all so perfect!

    ha ha i didn't think you looked cross until you said that. i thought you were just bein' introspective and dreamy. i only have a tiny little smile in most of my photos at the moment, 'cause i dont like showing my braces, they can come out looking like messed up tooth decay or something in pics.

    i will send you good vibes for your foot. hope it's better too. i have had health problems, a while back, and my knee is a bit dodgy sometimes, so i can sympathise.

    it sucks that people are saying stuff about your body. it's not wrong to be big, but it's not wrong to be skinny, either! when will people realise the world is made of ALL body types?

    all the best,


  6. No one should comment on the food habits of others. No one cares. Everyone does with her body what she wants and eats what she wants. I think you have a very nice body and also to have it work well.

    I really like the dress with the plaid shirt. And the boots are very cool.

    You're very pretty. KiSSeS!^^

  7. love your jewels

  8. That skull necklace is SO bomb. Love it!

  9. love how you mix everything up wow you really did mess your ankle up I am sure it will heal soon.

    Lookbook is a weird one never really understand what the hell people on there look for ha ha I will check you out tho xoxo

  10. I like your unique style, so different than all the other blogger stuff!

    PS: Thx as well for your lovely comment on my interview with SPELL means a lot to me as this interview was special for me.

    Love from Germany, Cloudy x


  11. the last part made me laugh so hard! you look great!

  12. such a beautiful outfit! love it!

  13. I think it's mandatory to have bitch-face if you're going to be a blogger. It's a malady that plagues many of us...

    And while I sympathize that it's annoying to be assumed anorexic because you are thin, keep in mind not "every other 26 year old girl" is actually overweight. Some are, some aren't, some are in the middle.

  14. That is a rad dress! I really like your skull necklace, you made it? eee so cool. Your boots fit this outfit well. I hope your foot heals up!!

  15. @Lydia Yes, I was exaggerating. I know not everyone my age is obese. I am just pointing out that a "normal" weight nowadays is overweight for what is healthy. So then people with average weight are viewed as underweight.

  16. beautiful outfit, and i love your necklace! i know how you feel, i had injured my foot ice skating and it was the worst two weeks of my life. however, i eat as much as a teenage boy, so that wasn't good.

    xx maggie

  17. swooon!!! love your skull necklace!

  18. Wow I really want to steal some of your dresses.....they're always so amazing

  19. I think you already know how much I love this outfit, but I'll just say it again. That antler necklace is killer!

    On the subject of annoying Lookbook messages, have you gotten one from the Bizarre Birdcage? That girl has messaged me on like, two separate occasions and has emailed me, and she's doing better on her blog than I am! IDGI.

    By the way, you're doing really well for someone who's new to Lookbook! Just keep at it; I was getting 20 hypes per look up until one magical day when I got over 100 on one certain look, for some unknown reason. (I didn't think the outfit was all that great back then, and I think the same thing now. Life's funny that way.)

  20. amazing look :)

  21. well well well, I may have a cute hair, but you dear have a SUPER COOL AND RAD BLOG!

    I loooooooooove it!

    following you now!


  22. i always love all the little details in your looks... never boring.. the little skulls, arrow hairpins, bracelets.. you totally have me.


  23. you look fab! unlike that stupid blair witch movie! i hated that movie!

    so far, so lame? that made me LOL!

  24. that dress is awesome!

    check it out, you will love it ;)

  25. I hope you went to Blair to take these WITCHY photos. GET IT? GET IT?

    I don't even get what the fucking cheesedicks would be talking about /with you being too thin? If they did like 10 seconds of research they could see how into fitness you are. Doesn't really make sense.
    xx Sarah

  26. You look great! Love the dress :)

  27. Nice photos, nice style, nice knees!

    (really dig the bracelet that has the insect in plastic)

  28. I am dying right about now. Just dying!