Friday, March 2, 2012


thrifted top, $2 beanie, skirt from wasteland

Forgot about this shirt. I got it for a dollar awhile back and just found it under the heap of clothing that doesn't fit in my closet and has no place in a drawer. Are you sick of seeing me in a beanie? Too bad. My instincts say this one is meant for a 15 year old lad on a hunting trip with his pop, but I snagged it and definitely will not be hunting with this bad boy on. Just maybe jumping out in front of cars on O street at night to see who slams on their breaks. I might add a juggalo face to the mix. Yeah, may have to make a night out of this. Also, I am 27.

I am dying over these 3 outfits from this shop on ebay. And her hair? 



  1. Her hair is just down right awesome!Killer clothing too!

    Happy Friday!

  2. You are fabulous, I adore this outfit and that denim gilet is so crazy I need to make one myself. x

  3. Love your outfit. Great outfits from Ebay. Great post.

  4. You look like a damn dream. I love it. Like a floral bubble gum hunter babe. Love love love. Those maxis are sick as well. I think I need them.

    xx Jacqueline

  5. I'm salivating over this entire post-most droolworthy moments being the thought of you leaping about in a beanie, and then obviously the denim vest which practically brought a tear to my eye.

  6. my godddd I love you. Can we just share closets pleaaaaseeee

  7. Oh my god love love love this outfit. Plus that Ebay store is insane

  8. Man, that first photo of that chick with the studded up vest? DAMMMMN.

    Hey, I think the beanie is the PERFECT accessory right now! I mean, how cold is it outside right now? ♥

  9. hnnnngggg she is TOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. woof. I am in love. so in love. wahhhhh! wahhhh!!!!


    goddddd casey. you seriously complete my soul. if I had to choose one person to dress like forever I think it would be you. your style never ceases to amaze me. bahh. move to california because I am, and then I would be able to see you ALL THE TIME. haha stalker-city. seriously though. will you visit again?

  10. I'm so jealous of your shirt, I could die!!!!!!!!

  11. oh my god, ive got that store saved in my favourite ebay sellers! (and its partly due to the hair, lol!) great minds think alike hehe :)

    its been ages since i did something wacky with my hair, ive got my heart set on dyeing it with a green tinge but im not sure if it'll please my "big" boss at work, pfff..