Monday, July 23, 2012


top from melrose trading post, necklace from maya, thrifted shorts, belt and boots, bootstraps from ebay, bag from army surplus

I was telling Isabel and Rachel that this top reminded me of my dad. He has (had?) a similar t-shirt in army green color with mushrooms and, BONUS! - an alien; the alien sat atop a 'shroom. I recall him wearing said shirt with baggy jeans and bare feet as he unhappily had to come pick me up when I was a minor in trouble with the police. We are twins, now, dad! Speaking of dad, look at how hot my parents were:

Who knew Stevie Nicks and John Travolta would muster up a zingy redhead that rocks magic mushrooms at age 27?

Ps. Rachel and Isabel are rad and fun and beautiful humans, in case you were wondering. Obviously.
Pps. Bloglovin didn't post my previous blog entry. Whatupwitdat?



  1. That shirt is badass and love the photo of your parents! So cute.

  2. Gimmie the shirt... And ugh, your parents are dreamy. Amazing photo of them!

    xx Jacqueline

  3. Oh my your parents were cool as! Cannot get over how cool that shirt it!


  5. i love your boots & the bag!

  6. Nothing cooler than dressing like your dad! My dad and I bought matching tees from a girl punk band.
    That sounds really weird now that I am writing it...
    Rad outfit <3

    The Lovelorn

  7. Another effortlessly cool outfit. Great belt and shoes.

  8. your parents are pretty hot. i seen that shirt! hey come meet up with the trio of us this weekend either in SD or Long Beach.

  9. Gotta love army surplus! Best place for bomber jackets and bags like yours.

  10. perfect outfit!! love the top

  11. I love the t-shirt. And that belt is also pretty fab.

    Ava Tallulah
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  12. Your parents look like those people in commercials who laugh, and laugh, and eat good food. Who eat good food while being very good looking. And they produced my FAVORITE zingy redhead that rocks magic mushrooms at age 27.

  13. very interesting look! love it!
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  14. why are you still pale?

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  16. Hey Casey! I just wanted to drop by here and let you know that I've nominated you for Liebster award! You can find out more about it in my blog post here:

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  17. I love the shirt... I kind of wish it was my shirt :)

    Love your blog!