Saturday, July 21, 2012


beaded net top and shell belt c/o tati vintage, crochet vest c/o claire verity, backpack c/o lucky vintage seattle, american apparel shorts, unearthen pendulum ring, random jewelry, jeffrey campbell boots

I have been surprised with some really amazing things in the mail from some really amazing sponsors since arriving in Orange County. The beaded top and shell belt are from Tati Vintage, who currently have these glorious babies in stock:
Like, what? Are those real? And why am I not a size 5 and a half? Stupid idiot feet, being all evil stepsister-ish. 

The vest is handmade by Claire Verity in NYC. I've worn it to death, and am FINALLY debuting it on my blog. This thing has been basically attached to me since it's been hot out. Gotta cover up my booty in these hot pants somehow, right? Or not. Seeing as how about 50% of the population in the beach cities are basically naked all the time, I feel right at home in bootylicious shorts. Ignore the fact that I just used that horrid adjective. (but it's true...)

To top it off, my oldest and also newest sponsor, Lucky Vintage, was kind enough to send over a sweet package which included this backpack. Little did they know that I have a wallet-thing in the exact same pattern. Matchy matchy. Lucky freaking rules. You know this is true as she is in 1352 CIRCLES ON ETSY. That means 1352 people love this store. Plus me. And now you.

I would have spread all of this out in more than just one post, but I haven't been able to blog as much lately due to obvious reasons. And this outfit just made sense, okay? I am in the process of moving to the SF bay for a month before I move back down to Los Angeles and I can't really keep track of everything that's going on, except that it is good. Good good good.


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  1. Love your outfit and blings...
    definitely beach bound.

  2. That belt is killer!!! I so relate to wishing your feet can change sizes to fit into shoes, I always find amazing shoes while thrifting that are way to small or way to big, and I always try to convince myself that I could live without my toes to fit into a pair of shoes or that if I wear socks then I can wear shoes that are two sizes too big but alas I can't do either lol.

  3. Amazing as always!

  4. Great outfit, once again amazing accessories to really finish off the look.

  5. Casey, you are gorgeous! I love love love this outfit!


  6. YESSS! disco shortz are sewwww guud.

    ps im really happy we got to hang out today. you rock.

  7. Awesome outfit! I seriously love your style so much <3

  8. lovelovelove! love your top! we totally need to hang now! woohoo! xoxo

  9. BOOTS, what?!?! Also, that backpack is amazing. Caryn is so great. I remember someone on Formspring once said you were the Queen of Etsy, and I was like, huh, yup. That sounds right. You know all of the best shops!